Nature of the Astral Plane – Little Known Facts Revealed

What is a astral plane? You will receive different answers to this question. There are no two answers. Since there is no evidence of the existence of an astral realm or plane or level, you will not get any specific answers based on scientific studies. The answer you get is the product of astral travelers astral experience. If you experience it yourself, you can have a completely different story to relate.

To put it simply, the astral plane is a level of physical existence. And there are many planes of existence such as astral and physical planes. Every plane of existence has its own rules, which must be followed.

In fact, what most people call "heaven" and "hell" are real astral realms with vibrating at different frequencies. One can call the ground and the planes less than this "hell" because the ground and lower astral levels are healed at lower frequencies. Higher astral planes flash at higher frequencies and are beautiful, so they are called "heaven."

The astral realm has 7 planes of existence. The highest plane is called Mental, Buddhism, and so on. The highest plane, which can not be explained in human words, is the seat of collective or general consciousness or God, whatever you want to call it. When entities leave for higher realms, they are clean conscious without any vehicle like the physical or the astral body.

Entities enter physical land to learn essential lessons. As they progress, their vibrations rise and they become capable of gaining access to the higher astral planes.

Astral planes, slightly higher than the ground, constitute people's minds and emotions. Because people are always thinking, the astral land is full of lips of thought, which makes it very confusing to life for the first projector. Higher astral realm however does not contain any astral remains.

Astral plane is a great place to study. It is the gates between the earth and the higher realms of existence. The astral planes can be like the physical world in schools and institutions, where people learn and work on projects, as they do on earth.

The astral land lives in two types of spirits-those who have passed away from the earth and the astral opposite the living on earth. This implies that we live a lot of parallel lives even in the world.

While on the ground, we get help, knowledge, and inspiration from higher airplanes. It is a place for reconciliation, learning, forgiveness, understanding, healing, and compassion. In the astral plane, you have the opportunity to set things wrong on the ground correctly.

After we "die," we go to the astral plane and spend some time thinking in our life on earth. We will examine and evaluate ourselves, meet our loved ones, deal with negativity, and prepare ourselves for another life on earth.

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