Beginner RC Planes – What is Anti Crash Technology (ACT)?

One of the most difficult parts of being a novice rc pilot is learning to fly. Learning to control the plane is often difficult and the mistake can lead to a crash and damage to your plane. Fortunately for the beginner pilot the people at HobbyZone have made a technology that helps study to fly more easily. This technology is called Anti Crash Technology or ACT for short. You need to know that this technology is exclusively in the HobbyZone line of airplanes.

Each beginner plane is equipped with two sensors, one at the top and one at the bottom. These sensors keep track of the position of earth-related planes. When the plane is flying level, the top sensor sees the sky and the sensor sees the ground below. They tell the computer's on-board vehicles that it's flying correctly. If the plane goes to a dive and the sensors see that the plane's orientation is wrong, they automatically correct the input controls and help prevent the plane from crashing. It gives you more time to regain control of the plane and prevent crashes.

One of the best features of Anti Crash Technology is you can turn it off. After you fly briefly and more experience you will not need the ACT to assist you. Turn it off and you'll get complete control of the plane and higher mobility. This technology is really cool and is a great help to the beginner rc pilot.

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