Beginner RC Planes – Anti Crash Technology (ACT) – Pros and Cons

Anti-Crash Technology (ACT) is a feature found on the HobbyZone line of beginners rc planes. HobbyZone says that this technology teaches yourself to fly rc planes easier and safer.

Before we go through the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, let's look at how it works. Each plane has two sensors, one at the top of the plane and one under the fuselage. These sensors keep track of the position of the plane. The top of the plane's sensor looks at your sky and the one below looks at the ground.

They talk to a computer on the plane and let it know if it's flying right. For example: if the plane enters a dive and the sensors see that the orientation of the plane is incorrect, the computer system automatically corrects the control inputs and helps prevent the plane from crashing. It gives you more time to regain control of the plane.

O.k. Take a look at the pros and cons of Anti-Crash Technology.


As you have seen in the example above if your plane is out of control the computer system will help to correct the orientation of the plane and help you regain control of the plane. This will help you, as a pilot of the rc plane that begins, comes out in some sticky situations. Also, when you get more aerial control skills you can turn off the ACT and rely on your own steering skills.


The main con this technology is that it can cause your crash. If you happen to fly over the surface of the water or the glazed surface the airplane sensors are confused. The bottom of the sensor sees the reflection of the sky and thinks the plane is turning upside down. The plane will then try to correct this orientation actually causing the plane to do all kinds of weird stuff. As you can see it may be bad.

Although many say that the ACT has helped them learn to fly, the general census about planes using this technology is to turn it off before flying. If you want to try flying Anti-Crash Technology actively then make sure you're away from the water or areas with shiny surface area. This will help ensure that the ACT works correctly.

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