Planes Of Reality – Multidimensional Universe

There are different truth planes. The physical plane is the first. The rest of the other planes beyond this are considered the mental plane as a whole.

In all seven states of matter, the highest state is thought to be waves. The thought wave is the mental plane of truth. It is the universal plane that consists only of thinking or thinking.

The mental plane has many levels. They differ in terms of the vibrational rate from one level to the next. The finer vibration, the higher the plane. It is not physically physically higher in position but internally in size. The mental plane of truth begins with the second plane after physical and upward.

The second plane of truth within the physical plane is the etheric plane. Everything in physical plane is uniform in physical and etheric states. Your body exists simultaneously as solid and thought wave. You will live together in the first and the sixth state of the matter. An electron exists at once as a small grain and a wave.

The two things can not occupy the same space unless they have different space densities. Physical and etheric planes can coexist in the same space-time because they have no part in each other. But space-time physical and etheric planes are synced to each other.

In an OBE or Out of Body Experience, your body is sleeping as your consciousness moves out of it. You exist in the form of an etheric or energy body. In this state, your consciousness is absent in the physical and in part with the etheric. You see the physical plane and everything around you in his etheric state.

When you wake up, there is a seat beside you. Now when you have no body experience, you can not see the seat that exists in a physical state in the physical plane but you will find the seat that exists in an etheric state. The rest of the physical plane now exists in the etheric state with you.

You are in an etheric double and will see your separate physical body in the etheric state in your bed. You are connected to your physical body with a thin silver cord that keeps it alive. It can not be broken except for death.

The other person who is awake on the physical plane and walking around their physical body can not see you in your etheric body but you can see them in their etheric body. Their etheric bodies appear as self-image that they have their own physical body. A person on the physical plane may look fatter in his etheric or energy body if he constantly thinks himself as fatter than he is physically. The same is true if he thinks he is thinner, shorter / higher, better / worse.

In the etheric plane, there may be some things that do not exist in the physical plane. That's because your imagination creates them on the etheric plane. You need to have some know-how skills to say whether something is an etheric state of something in the physical plane or an etheric object created by your imagination. You can also see angels and fallen angels on the etheric plane if they happen around and do themselves to be seen by you.

Hold your hand in front of you and imagine a cup appears on it. The other person can see nothing in your hand but in the etheric plane, it appears as real as in the physical plane. An angel or out of the human body passing through can see the cup in your hand and may even feel it. They can literally see your thinking thoughts. The same is true when you are in the etheric plane and someone is doing that on the physical plane.

The third plane is the astral plane. The astral plane goes beyond the etheric plane because it does not exist in physical reality at all. This is the place where people go after death or when they travel astral.

You find other people or heavenly people that exist in that plane. The world you experience around you in astral planes is fully thought to be created. What you see will be the result of what you are thinking and the people around you are thinking. So there are many levels, places and dimensions of the astral plane.

The astral planes can also be called heaven and hell. The lower astral planes are where people with negative energies such as guilt, shame, judgment are confined to. They have experienced all sorts of terrible things and difficulties in a plane of distress and misery. Higher astral planes are where people with positive energy such as everlasting life, love, joy and peace in one.

During the NDE or Near Death Experience, some people see themselves coming out of their bodies and angels go down and bring them to heaven. Others see a light tunnel and pass on the other side. There are still those who appear in the presence of Jesus Christ the next moment. These are the positive types of NDE, of course, there are also negative types where people have the horrible experiences that they get into hell.

At the end of their NDE, they told them that their time was not up and should go back to the realm of life or they think a force that returns them to their physical bodies.

The reason why people have different NDEs is that they look forward to different types of after-death experiences. God permits them to have the kind of experience they expect to have when they pass from Earth to Heaven. It does not matter how they move because they still end up in the astral plane.

The astral plane can be considered a collective dream plane where people interact with each other in a fantasy land.

Normal low level dreaming takes place in dream airplanes which is at the lowest level of Energy Continuum, just below human collective awareness and in the area of ​​personal consciousness or thinking. Here the subconscious mind will create its own astral ether, often based on the waking thoughts and in particular, the final thoughts of mind before moving to sleep. That's why it's important to get positive and orderly thoughts to sleep with you.

The difference between dream plane from the etheric and astral plane is the shared truth. In the dream plane, no one experiences direct dreaming. But with the etheric and astral planes, you experience a shared truth with other creatures that exist in them. When two or more people experience shared dreams, they actually interact with one during OBE or astral travel.

It is possible for others to influence your dreams by telepathic influence. People from astral planes such as loved ones passed can also enter your dreams to speak with you.

The plane is the mental plane. The mental plane is the place where your imagination lies. This is where you get inspiration and ideas from. A thought that you have, first came from the mental plane inside you. Then it will appear on the astral plane and then on the etheric plane and finally on the physical plane of your life. The things in your imagination will affect the physical plane.

The planet in mind is an amazing dimension! Iridescent river sound bounded by rainbow shores of pulsating light. Thoughts appear as kaleidoscopic patterns of light and sound. You walk through the fields of ideas under a sparkling crystal sky of inspiration. If you enter this world you do not intend to carry out or understand it, or you can get angry, because it is not understood by the person. Just accept everything, go to the flow and enjoy it!

Get out of here wonderful wonder. Let the kids inside you to play in this fairy wonderland. Everyone feels real and stable. The time is more ugly than the astral and the truth is kaleidoscopic. The astral plane is the lower sky and the mental plane is the higher sky. The astral plane is where the soul exists, the mental plane is where the spirit exists.

The fifth plane is the celestial plane. This is the airline where the angelic hierarchy exists. From the seven archangels, seraphs, cherubs and all the armies of angels of the heavenly kingdom of God. It is an airplane full of the glory of God and the power of his power.

The sixth plane is the cosmic plane. Here's where everything is in the most glorified form, radiant, shining bright, pure luster, dazzling and sparkling. This is the best and most positive state of existence. Every person & # 39; s interact with the greatest joy and the highest love one & # 39; t one. You can feel the presence of God as a visible all-powerful force. The time is still standing. The truth is more real and firm than the normal truth. Compared to these, the physical world is a vague, dreary dream full of half-dead people.

The seventh plane is the divine plane or the Origin. It is the highest planet in mind that is the plane of pure Spirit or Pure Mind. This is the condition where everything finally exists. Pure consciousness, pure energy. The understanding of the form does not exist and does not have to exist. You are one at all and all, without separation.

In this plane, you are one of God. Your Spirit is one of the Universal Spirit. Your mind is included and other differences in Universal Mind. A state of total, perfect and eternal happiness.

It is not necessary to experience eternal life in mental plane. When in our newly glorified bodies, we can change our vibration at will. We can go through the walls, appear and disappear, fly at all levels of truth whether physical or mental.

The experience and the transfer of all reality airplanes in the rounds is the best way to experience Heaven for all eternity.

Since all levels of mental plane are made purely of thought waves and the physical plane is a condensation of thinking waves, you can say that the physical world is just a dream world in a more condensed form. So we live in a dream now and we wake up on the physical plane every time we move on to the next.

The real world is the dream world. The dream world is the real world.

Everything is a dream. Everything is truth.

Dream is Reality. The truth is Dream.

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