Electric RC Planes For Beginners

If you just started flying airplane-controlled radio models, we suggest you start with an airplane that is almost ready to fly (ARF) or ready to fly (RTF).

Some of the airplanes listed below are given to be the best for beginners. Beginners require airplanes to be quiet and easy to control and the airplanes listed below are slow enough for you to recover and correct in case you get a bad situation while flying. These are the perfect radio-controlled airplanes for flying in your backyard or in the park.

1.GWS Zero Fighter ARF Park Flyer

2.Cessna 182 Scale RTF 4CH Electric Airplane

3.Parkzone J3 Piper Cub

4.Firebird XL (More on Popular Firebird Electric Models)

5.Sky Angel RTF Electric 2Ch RC Crash Proof Plane

6.Hobby Zone Super Cub RTF Electric

7.RC Sonic Saber 2 RTR 2CH Electric Airplane

8. Start-Air 4 Channel RTF Electric RC Airplane

It is strongly recommended that beginners begin electric powered airplanes because they are easy to control and trust free of charge, but if you are only interested in flying nitro powered airplane and are ready to pay for it then the following models are the best nitro powered radio controlled airplanes. These planes provide a very stable flight and come with the installed radio system. These are the perfect models for beginners wishing to fly nitrols powered by RC airplanes.

1.Thunder Tiger Trainer MK 11 SC RTF (TTR4523F)

2.Hangar9 Alpha Trainer 40, RTF – HAN 2475

3.Hangar 9 Arrow 40 Semi-Symmetrical Trainer RTF R / C Airplane.

The following accessories are important when starting with a nitro powered RC plane.

The field accessories pack consists of a tote bag, glow plugs, four-way glow plug wrench, glow plug igniter with charger and a chicken starting stick (HAN STAR), and manual fuel pump.

Recoil fuel tubing (HAB 151), Standard fuel tubing (DUB 222), Fuel bottle cap fittings (DUB 192), Twelve & AAA & # 39; size of batteries (FUG 4), Nitro airplane fuel (POW 00037), and then run oil (PRA 7140).

A flight simulator is recommended to help you learn and master the basic understanding of radio controls and understand how your transmitter works. RealFlight & # 39; s G 2 Flight Simulator w / Interlink Mode 2 is the best for beginners. You can also opt for RealFlight's G2 Flight Simulator in / Interlink Mode 2, Or RealFlight G3 R / C Flight Simulator & Hanger 9FS One with Mode 2 Controller.

The use of a trainer will be better if you are flying a nit-aired air directly. Studying with an educator is easy and faster, it also increases your level of comfort and confidence. An instructor with a trainer system may be connected to a compatible radio. The instructor acts as a backup in case of tight situations and helps prevent plane damage. The flying clubs or the Academy of Model Aeronautics are the best place to find an instructor.

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