Time Is A Continuum

Time is continuous, it does not end. No beginning or end, time is a continuous cycle that exists in different airplanes or levels of existence.

I often compare different times to a radio, when we listen to a radio, to find different radio stations and other forms of music and entertainment, we open dial, or these days, we push scan. In doing so, we can dial the station and the type of music we want.

In life we ​​do the same. In order to live the life our soul seeks, we dial into the plane of existence and reality that will give us life experiences that we want to grow and learn the lessons to come to the world to experience.

There is an endless number of planes of existence, or vibrational airplanes. To change our plane of existence, all we have to do is change our focus.

Era time returns to the existence plane that we call heaven, paradise, True Reality, or one of the many other rules that interact with people with greater fame.

It exists alongside all the thousands of other planets of existence present in the cosmos, and which can be accessed by changing our vibrational patterns.

The planets of existence can be accessed through meditation, hypnosis, or other methods of thinking of the methods.

The Origin of life, God, or Chi Energy, is present in one and all vibrational fields. This field is also parallel to all other levels of existence, as all levels, past, present, and future are all parallel levels that exist simultaneously, without beginning or end.

The past is compared to the present, and the present is a reflection of the decisions made in the past. Only the present reflects the future of the decisions made at present.

In fact, all planets of existence are parallel, past, present, and future, for individual souls to determine which airplane of this existence is concerned with. We do not, as some believe in the cross on a bridge in another world, we just change our focus.

We get in the light of a new reality and then start a new existence, if we do not focus on a particularly energetic plane, we walk aimlessly through the universe until we determine how and where we want to spend in the next human life, as in life, sometimes we are unhappy until we see our true love.

As previously stated, everything happens at once, what we are experiencing and seeing is what focuses on our consciousness, to change our lives, we just need to change our focus.

There is no right or wrong life, we do not have to do any specific mission, only the mission that we feel in our heart is right for us. What we may or did not do in the previous life has no effect on this life, our mission at this time around is usually completely different.

For those souls who can remember a life when they have contributed to a huge change in society, it may be difficult to learn to sometimes understand, they often feel an obligation, which in fact is their obligation was previously fulfilled, perhaps this time,; s their turn to learn for their own evolvement.

We are not always here to change the world, it can be different people.

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