Learning About the Astral Plane Is an Important Secret in Consciously Creating the Life You Desire

The knowledge of Astral Plane is very important for anyone who wants to create his or her desired truth. This term is usually taken on the meaning of some mysterious or attractive dimensions, encountered only in dreams, during the out-of-body experience (OBE's), after death or the fairy tale .

Most people do not know that this invisible dimension exists and that it has a great impact on how their life and reality are shaped. The lack of ignorance of the law has no reason – so you can also learn about these important airplanes, especially the nature of their matrix.

The casual sense of the Astral Plan contains elements of truth even though they are generated largely by speculation. However, you should seek an accurate description and picture in the mind of this hidden truth, especially since it will determine how effective you are to use the law of attraction in your life.

Think of Astral Plane as a dimension of dimension where matrices or prototypes (energy molds) of your external reality were first formed. The main difference between Astral and Physical Planes is one of the vibratory rates rather than locale because they actually exist, overlap and intimately interact with each other.

Variations in the description of Astral Plane have emerged, due to the part of different thought schools set artificial boundaries on these important dimensions. In many occult (hidden) traditions, Astral Plane is also referred to as the Emotional Plane, primarily because your feelings have a direct effect on the invisible level of truth.

In the effort for simplicity, some spiritual writers expand the term Astral Plane to include parts of the Mental Plane. Mental Plane is the relatively higher dimension where the attitudes affect and mold the Astral material (Light) in forms of thinking and other etheric models.

Furthermore, the Astral dimensions are generally divided into Lower and Higher Planets – an important difference in which you need to know. The knowledge of these levels has been passed on to us from ancient spiritual schools and confirmed and refined by the psychic and remote-watchers of our generation.

Lower Astral Plane is the first dimension to be encountered after physical death and the vibratory plane in which the lurking but earthy creatures (those with unshakeable Physical Plane attachments) exist until they are ready continue to the next stage of their spiritual journey. By applying the laws of revelation, you do not have to worry about yourself in this much more tragic truth.

Upper Astral Plane will be the main purpose of your study because it is the environment in which the energy patterns for different elements of your physical world are initiated and launched in the revelation. The Astral material (Light) is described by psychic as white whites in appearance, producing an endless energy field that is not mentioned until your thoughts and emotions are molding its substance in matrices and prototypes for your external reality.

Legitimate magicians and alchemists have long been watching a strong secret – that is by intentionally shaping the prototype of the Light body within the Astral Plane, it is possible to show the equivalent of this prototype in Physical Plane. Such Astral forms or matrices must first be shown in parallel and then reinforced with a focused intention – otherwise, they will only pass and return to the Astral field, undefined.

Be fully conscious of your every thought and emotion because, as you have just learned, their strength is enough to change the course of your life. For example, if a pre-existing Astral form of a similar vibrational frequency combines one of your own causes (unintentional) made by forms of thought, it reinforces each other and can collectively produce of unpredictable or unpleasant situations in your life.

Just by being a conscious, responsible co-creator of your credibility you can be assured of a consistent, reliable and enjoyable life. Indeed, knowledge is power.

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