The Astral Plane And Its Divisions

Astral Plane is truly true, as though it were more solid and vibrant than the physical world. It is a world without any need for money, work or any other ornament of physical existence.

Those who visited the Astral planes found themselves in an environment where all senses seemed very high. These senses are not our common physical senses, but the astral inner senses.

Attitudes can be viewed immediately and anything that is desired is immediately identified by the powers of imagination in the very process of creation. This is also why the Astral worlds are known as the "world of desire" and the body of Astral known as the "body of desire". The fact that Man creates his attitudes and feelings in the Astral world demonstrates the truth in the occult statement that Man is a "god of creation". This shows that we can be creative.

When you're out on the Astral plane, you'll see that it vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical plane. There is no gravity in the Astral plane. See time and space compared to Physical. As a result, the time may differ from physically.

Here, thinking has an important part, and only thinking of something in Astral can cause it. Because this is where all our hopes, desires, and dreams can be real truth, Astral plane is also known as emotional plane.

In the Astral plane there is no need for food, clothing, shelter and sleep. We have freedom. Our will maintains and heals us, and our will creates the truth in our image. The Astral plane consists of focused energy in mind. In the spirit world there are attitudes that create truth, and often make us familiar.

Divisions of The Astral Plane:

Astral Plane is divided into Lower, Middle, and Higher. Each division contains multiple divisions of different levels of vibration.

The Lower Astral Planes:

Described as darker more premier realms. Some describe them as the place of hell of Dante while others treat them as purgatory. They are where the souls are lost. Its inhabitants are many creatures including people who are not in the body, both consciously and subconsciously, people who feel tired, dead, and even people who never exist on the Physical Plane at all. Communication with all of the above is possible while being taught.

The Middle Astral Planes:
Are the kingdoms of divine inspiration without earthly desires and conflicts? The bees of these dimensions bring many artistic and technical achievements to Earth by sending quiet messages to its inhabitants. This is the place where many of us travel for guidance and healing. Realms are often a reflection of the world we live in today. They contain both plants, animals, and even our own structures.

The Middle Astral is an airplane full of rainbows of vivid colors and exquisite beauty. It is an impossible task to try and carry out this area. This plane is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, known as real things.
Everything including inanimate objects has the energy that comes from them in bright and bright colors. The time here is too much and it is possible to see future or past events.

People who have successfully purposed in the Middle Astral Planes reveal unseen colors and sounds, breathtaking landscapes and views, and even some things beyond our comprehension. This area is pure in its formation. The demands and conflicts associated with the physical world are left behind. It is a place of peace and bliss – one can go in comparison with it in the Garden of Eden.

The Higher Astral Planes:

The lands are called the Heaven of Christians, the Summerland of the spirit mediums. This area is beyond the reach of most people, as they are said to be the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great people.

Higher astral planes are where we begin to reach self-indulgence, being fully aware and acknowledging that all life is symbolbiotic and connected to the "good" of all. We realize that every individual is an important link in the life chain and existence in the physical world affects all the other facts we can not see.

This knowledge often leads to people in pantheism, the belief that all life is sacred and must be protected from the smallest worm to the greatest killer. In other instances the traveler does not turn to pantryism but in either case will be the true consciousness of this fact at a continuously conscious level.

Middle and Higher Planes are where the true path of spiritual and physical healing lies. This is where our views of life grow and widen through the leaps and bounds that share us from many of the stigmas of society and its imposed morality.

When we begin to travel through the Astral realms, we generally enter the Lower airplanes where the physical world is still visible, even though our emerging senses are distributed. But as we move to Middle Airplanes we notice that the physical world is becoming less and less noticeable until we fully move away from higher planes

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