Meeting Loved Ones in Astral Realms – Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions

The Astral projection is a wonderful ability to build because it allows you to meet anyone you want to meet, even if you've died loved ones. This is because, in astral realms, you are not limited in time and space. You just need to plan to meet your loved ones, dead or alive, and you will immediately find yourself in the transportation anywhere your loved one. Many people learn astral projections because they want to meet their dead loved one or friends on earth in their astral bodies. These people usually have some questions to ask about meeting astral airline friends.

However, before you meet your loved one, you should learn how in the astral project. Worried about what to do with your loved one or if you and your loved one remember the experience after you return to the body is meaningless if you have not learned the astral projection yet. And studying the astral project sometimes takes months or years or even lifetimes.

When you master the astral projection, you want to make sure your friends or loved ones remember your visit. In most cases, your friend is dreaming, and you will be able to meet his higher self. In this case, you are lucky because you get the chance to ask for anything higher than your friend's self and you hear nothing but the truth. The high self of a person does not know how to speak lies.

Most aspiring projectors wonder if they can see their friends or die loved by one. You will not be able to "see" your loved one for a simple reason. The earthly and astral planes vibrate at different frequencies. You will not be able to view an astral entity in the earthly plane. And even if you met your friend in the astral realm, you should keep in mind that you are not looking at your friend's physical body, but only his astral body. Of course, in rare cases, an astral entity can be viewed in the earthly plane.

Before worry about what will happen during or after the meeting, you and your friend should worry about developing the skills required for the successful astral project. If one of you succeeds, you can just visit your friend's house in your astral body and try to pull him from their physical body. Yes, helping a friend from his physical body in case he or she finds a projection difficult is really possible. And you'll have your astral experience together and see if you can remember the event.

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