BR 2 – Paper Airplane Book Review – The Great International Paper Airplane Book

Book Name: The Great International Paper Airplane Book

Date of Review: November 4, 2006

Author (s): Jerry Mander, George Dippel and Howard Gossage

ISBN #: 0671211293

Year of the original book / Year of my copy – 1967/1967

Page – 128 pages

Cover Price – $ 2.95

Number of Planets – 20 Planets

Name of planes – No named plane. All are numbered 1 – 20, without a named plane, but many winners of duration, distance, acrobatics, and origami.

Level of poverty – 8 out of 10


Here it is! For me, this is the first book on my paperplans that I own, or read for that matter. I just made two types that my brothers showed me before reading it. All the other books I read on paper planes are judged to be compared to them.

The story behind the competition is interesting and fun, but it may be difficult to read once. There are many beautiful photos of contestants who have not got the designs in the book, and a beautiful picture on a rocket match of a happy paper match.

There is no explanation of the flight mechanics.

It has 20 designs, covering many major airplane styles, giving new readers a lot of inspiration for future designs.

I give this book a 9 out of 10, almost perfect saving for the absence of a chapter teaching new users on flight essentials.

I wholeheartedly endorse this book, it is still reliable, with relevant content and with a great assortment of airplanes!

Total score: 9/10 airplanes

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