Astral Plane – A Look Into the Astral World

Most astral travelers are interested in two planes – the physical plane and the astral plane. The physical plane also called the earth plane is composed of all physical elements or creatures. The astral planes on the other hand although closely related or attached to the ground plane are slightly more complicated. Within the astral plane there is said that the exact imitation or copy of the ground plane and all its elements exists.

These are not exact copies but are replicas of physical elements. Every object on the ground plane has a copy in the astral sphere. One important thing to note is that beneeth the flesh and blood, the person is the main spirit within the enclosure of a body. The spirit is connected to all other creatures through their spirits.

There is always a connection that is maintained within spirits, and therefore the astral counterparts represent the links between the spirit world and the physical creatures. Everyone and everything happening in the world or the physical world has an impact on it in the astral world. Therefore we have come to the conclusion that the astral world consists of two kinds of spirits – the spirits of those passed from the physical world and the opposite of those who are on earth or physical plane.

It is because of this fact that we exist as a spirit that is important even in the physical world, that we experience dreams, out of body experiences, etc.

There is an intention between the astral plane and the plane of the land and through this bond that spiritual guidance and assistance are being carried out. The astral plane's plane is an important connection or doorway between the physical plane and the higher episodes of the spirit world. The plane of the astral project is usually called so because it is considered a light in it that sparkles such as the stars and the aster & # 39; in Latin usually refers to the stars.

The astral sphere is an important place where one spirit goes to its departure from the physical world. Each person spreads as a spirit in the world of astral. It is in this plane or in the world that it really lies to experience transformation, forgiveness and healing. This is where a person has actually come back to their loved ones. People often associate the astral world with evil and negativity because it is the plane where you deal with negative elements of your own.

But it is far from truth or truth. It really is an airplane or world where one actually sees what they did in their lives, confront themselves and their works and finally gets to check themselves in an unbiased manner . Although some of these techniques may be tough, the result is defined in two illustrative words – healing and transformation.

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