Is The Golf Swing Plane Important And Why

Many high handicap golfers do not know why they can not hit the solid ball, but I can assure you for most of them their golf swing plane is off. They did not go down and the ball on the plane. So what is this. When you set up the ball, and place your club on the ground behind the ball, you create an airplane in your shaft, coming from the club's hosel near the ground, up the rod and dissecting your midsection.

This angle to the clubshaft is critical to the solid ball that strikes, so you really need to pay attention to it. I want you to think that you need to go back to the effect in the somewhat similar position you started, giving you a partial open on the target, and your hands are slightly ahead of the ball, creating the forward shaft.

Aside from these elements, you need to see in your mind the concept of getting a ball. So no matter what you're doing in backswing, your goal should get the impact on a similar position to meet.

Your backswing does not matter, but your downswing is critical to having an "on the plane" swing golf. As you go down, your club's butt should point to (slightly above or below) a line that reaches the back of the ball back approximately 2-3 feet.

If you stop and check it about half, the butt should point around this line a few feet behind the ball. If you do this, you have a good chance of impacting the clubshaft in the right position to break the golf ball.

The problem occurs, when your hands get a significantly higher (or less) address when you come to effect. It would be difficult to contact the ball in a downward blow to the boots. This game of golf is very important for golf players to pay attention. The best way to learn is to get a down the line view of their swing in the video. When you do, release the club's rod from the ground (club hose), up and through the body.

Then watch the video at hi speed as you go down. Slow down or pause it with effect. How close is your clubshaft to impact? Where are your hands? Are they in a similar place as address? They are probably not, and you need to fix this issue if you want to strike the solid ball and have any power.

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