A Look at the TU-95 an American Nemesis

I sent quality time to the force of the air force and since the IAF has a Russian connection, I luckily visit Russia many times. On my visits to Russia, I and my fellow colleagues are considered to be highly respected and the Soviets really thought of India as a friend.

One of the aircraft that impressed me was the Tu-95 which contained Bear's name code of NATO powers. The history of the plane makes interesting reading. In the early fifties of the last century, despite having an atomic bomb the Russians did not have the right delivery system to invade America. Cold war is in full swing and the Russians are voluntarily requiring detention. Josef Stalin met with designer Andrei Tupolev and the result was Bear.Andrie Tupelov was one of Russia's engineering greats in the field of aviation and the long range of aircraft was part of his contribution to aviation history.

The plane first flies in 1952 and has a range of 9000 miles. All credits to Andrei Tupolev spent hours drawing and trials in the tunnel of the air. Bear is a 4 turboprop plane. It was powered by Kuznetsov's machines which at that time were the largest and most powerful engine in the world of aviation. The plane had a great endurance and huge bomb bays as in those days, the atomic bomb was a huge gravity falling bomb. In this plane, the Russians for the first time had a strategic bomber who could fly to the center of the USA.

The Russians gave some versions and one of them was the Tu-114 which was also sold to the navy of India for surveillance at sea. The Russian AF has ordered a large number of these strategic bombers. As of the date of more than 59 long-term bomber strategies are still in service with the RAF. As with every Russian AF vision document, these planes will not retire until 2040. In other words, plans will remain part of the strategic air strike strike by 2040.

The plane looks like a blast from the past. It has a speed of 710 mph and the engines make a pounding sound. When the plane goes down and goes to a dive in the full throttle the sound is so strong that even a submerged submarine can hear the approach of the firefighter. Never less, despite this relative, the plane is a great platform for offensive weapons. It can also carry cruise missiles and launch them against an enemy at some distance from the target. It makes a great weapon platform. The plane is the pride of the Air Force and the Russians who are so proud to have such a deadly strategic bomber.

I first saw this behemoth in the Russian airbase and its size cares about me. I did not see such a large plane. I want to take some pictures, but they are not allowed. Subsequently, I boarded the plane as a passenger. With the permission of the senior captain on the board, I had a cockpit entry and was stuck by the confusion of the electronic equipment shown. It had ECM and ECCM on board. The plane could carry an atomic bomb and became the main strategic bomber of the Russian air force for more than 5 decades. It refers to its technical reliability and reliability.

The TU-95 now gets a little date and recently two crashes took place in Siberia. It sent alarms that ringing the sound and the whole vehicle was grounded, but after a technical inspection, the plane returned to the harness. I traveled the plane from Moscow to Vladivostok to the east, a distance of nearly 5000 miles and the flight was smooth. But sometimes the noise is too much and so we have earphones. I was always wondering why the IAF did not request Russian for this plane because it was a good avoiding China with its rank and Beijing and all Manchuria were covered by the IAF. But the politicians' way of thinking and a wondrous thing happened, because the Russians did not give TA-114 a remote version of the maritime planes to the navy of India and even now crossed the Sea of Arabia.

At the height of the cold war, TU-95 is a multiplier force. It can carry missile cruises with nuclear warheads and the planes are often near the coast of California. They are a powerful threat to the US and the USAF often scrambled jet fighters to block bombers. The USSR at that time used this airplane as a deterrent and its remarkable range, it kept the Soviet response to the US base around the Soviet Union at five strengths.

After the end of the cold war, the Russians did not scrap these planes but upgraded them and now they serve the Russian Airforce until 2040. One reason for this is that the Russians has not yet developed an alternative strategic bomber of the comparable range. The Bear still carrying the Russian flag in the far corners of the world. Even though Putin occasionally ordered these planes and they approached the coast of California, a poor reminder that Russia remains a great power, although the Soviet Union is part of history.

The Russians feel the overwhelming sense of pride in this plane, giving Russians something to assume the USAF has no comparable range of coverage and patience.

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