About Astral Projection – Levitating You to a Higher Plane

The Astral projection, also called astral journey is usually an esoteric interpretation of an interesting phenomenon called the Out of Body Experience (OOBE). An esoteric interpretation usually reflects a concept that is understood and effectively only defined by an enlightened range of people and their inner circle. OOBE usually reflects the existence or ability of having a & # 39; astral body & # 39; separated from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it.

If you are wondering about astral travel, it usually shows the separation of the astral body from the physical body and travels it to the astral plane.

Astral journey is usually associated with life after which permanent eradication of the astral body (spirit) from the physical body and transfer it to the astral plane. Here are also the experiences of close experiences with death, dreams, state of illness, drug and drug influences, sleep, meditation and some forms of paralysis.

About astral projections, it is often considered a paranormal concept, the truth according to OOBE expert Jerry Gross, is all astral journeys as they sleep, but they have no experience of memories as they startle. In short, anyone and everyone have the possibility to leave their physical body as they sleep in the form of an astral body, but they can not only remember doing so.

More About Astral Projection

Sometimes the projection of the astral is possible where one person is able to project itself out of the physical body as some form of spiritual practice. It involves traveling to higher places on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Whether it is true or a reflection of some, there is no way to verify its experimentation.

But many such accounts in many cultures and races by the world through many centuries.

The belief that a person has undergone a bodily experience or has made an OOBE is a common and numerous personal accounts and articles in which people, even among different seasons and cultures In the world, there seems to have had astral travel with similar symptoms.

As experience is subjective, there is no direct proof or confirmation if the astral body or plane actually exists. Today, we can only count on anecdotal evidence to have a view on the subject or support the idea that it is possible that people actually leave and travel outside of the body.

Whether or not validated, the facts about the astral projection continue to gain more and more interest and speculation over time.

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