Courchevel Airport Celebrates 50 Years of Operation

The 1997 James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies introductory credit card was captured at Courchevel airport and Altiport regularly features programs made on the most dangerous airports in the world. The History Channel recorded the Courchevel airport at number 7 above 10.

After 50 years of operation, the airport in Courchevel still receives a number of aircraft in one day, reducing the wealthy passengers in private areas and helicopters.

The airport is located just above 2000 meters in altitude, above the ski resort of Courchevel 1850, known for its rich and famous clients and hotels and luxury boutiques.

Original larger planes such as Twin otters and Dash 7 can fly to small airports, with up to 50 passengers, but now flights are restricted to smaller airplanes such as Cessnas. Any pilot flying at the airport must pass a certification while he or she must arrange the mountain land around the airport and a short steep lane, which is located. When the take of the plane goes down the path, only 525 long and a vertical drop. There is a small room for error.

Courchevel airport (located at 45 ° 23 & # 39; 51 "N 6 ° 38" 06 "E) admits a certain level of sin in the aviation world because of having one of the shortest runways in the world, with a length of 525 meters (1,722 ft) and a gradient of 18.5% to help landing the aircraft slowly. Plane land uphill ads are going down. In landing there is no go-around procedure as the run the way is so short and has only a small parking area at a far end for the airplane.

Courchevel Altiport serves the ski area of ​​Courchevel in the French Alps and skiers can regularly see planes and helicopters that are displacing and coming. In fact there is a restaurant adjacent to the airport from which you can watch strategy approach and leave.

Over 50 years of history, Courchevel airport has seen many crashes, including a deadly crash in October 2010 when a small plane had difficulty removing and side care in the trees below, killing 2 people on board.

Courchevel airport has recently celebrated its 50th birthday with the help of the Manali hotel (located in Courchevel 1650) and a large hot air balloon.

Different companies offer ski transfers to and from an altiport or helicopter that can be released from other airports to fly directly to the ski resort.

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