Warbirds Away! Visit the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, AZ

Do you know that we have one of the major air museums in America right here in Mesa? The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum is located in a large garage at Falcon Field, just outside of 202 at Greenfield and Mckellips. This remarkable establishment is a facility of aircraft recovery and facility repair, and home to an incredible vessel of restored military vehicles.

Volunteers here are made up of retired military pilots, airmen and flight enthusiasts, and maintain a growing collection of aircraft from the past: The B-25J Bride in the Shade, a SNJ, C-47 Skytrain / Dakota, C-45 Expeditor, PT-17 Stearman, and a L-16 Grasshopper. The flagship of the fleet is the fully restored and fully airworthy B-17G Sentimental Journey. There are some more exciting things than seeing, hearing and feeling this warbird creeping in your head at low altitude! The fleet is often seen making flyovers in local events, or in building military fun – a vision to see.

When you enter the museum, you will see an ongoing change of military memorabilia, such as uniforms, medals, weapons and occasional Jeep or cannon. You can also see the project planes in different restoration or retention stages. True treatment, however, appears in the tarmac and visits to the warbird itself. Museums of museum are available to share stories of their battle experiences and guide you through the restoration process. Occasionally a WWII vet will even stop to share his experience! You are free to wander; often times the airplane is open for you to take a peek, or even ride on the ramp! Being inside illustrates the hardships and dangers that fans have been able to withstand every day in battle.

Are you ready to take a visit to a notch? There are rides available on seven WWII airplane fighter, including Sentimental Journey. All money from ticket purchases goes towards restoration and the huge cost of gasoline. The museum is an educational non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that is almost entirely voluntary; all donations are welcome! Be aware that some of the planes leave the summer to join the national Flying Legends of the Victory Tour. Flying into one of the beauties can be the thrill of a life!

Quoted from the website: "For the education and satisfaction of current and future generations of Americans, our fleet of historic aircraft will recreate, remind, and strengthen lessons learned from moments of reference to military history of the American military. " As we lose more members of our Greatest Generation, it is important to keep their life history, and the Commemorative Air Force is leading the way. Please join them!

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