BR 5 – Review Of Mini Flyers By Pamela Liflander

Date of Review: February 21, 2007

Name of the Book: Mini Flyers

Author: Pamela Liflander

ISBN #: 0-7624-1617-3

Year of the original book / Year of my copy – 2003

Pages – 31

Cover Price – $ 6.95

# of Planets – 4 (including 1 mini foam plane)

Airplane names – Simple Dart, Sabertooth, Flying Wing, Teal

Level of poverty – (1-10) 5

Comments: Mini Flyers' Mini-Book and Kit is a great little gift for an inexperienced pilot of airplane paper. This is not the greatest book on paper planes, but it is not meant to be.

The book covers the construction of 4 airplanes, all of which are familiar with a timely flyer. So & # 39; t think about who you are giving it. If they are new in the field, then 3 to 4 of the designs are likely to be new to them.

The last chapter of the book is about testing and recording the results of your flights then challenging you to make changes to your airplanes and re-test them. Well written and concise, hopefully bring test pilot out to everyone!

There is a mini foam flyer and stickers included. Stickers are a great touch to decorate your airplane or the foam flyer. The foam flyer will fly too, and a younger sibling (or herself) will stay.

Also included are 2 sheets of heavyweight paper. Not sure what this is for. It's too heavy to make a traditional airplane paper, and it's folded in a small square as well, heavily growing. Perhaps this is for packing? Also a plastic nose weight does not require a flyer of foam. You do not know why that's it. The print is very small in the book; Make sure you have a good look!

So my grade for this book is generally a 3. But as a gift to a frivolous pilot, I give it 5, just in the strength of the design.

Why can a low score be? Somewhat few things. Only 4 airplanes covered in the book, wasting potentially space with 2 blank blank sheets, inserting a plastic nose balance for no specific reason, the picture behind the box showing an airplane that does not follow directions to the book, and finally the relatively high price of $ 6.95

All of this is easy to rectify, and I hope to review it again when the changes are made.

Total score: 3/10 airplanes

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