Why Could a Flight Be Delayed Or Canceled?

I often take a flight to China. Every year, I learn a lot about flights. An airplane usually lasts and arrives in time, but some factors can cause delays or cancellations of flights. Factors are mainly as follows:

1. Bad weather. If the weather at the airport is bad, for example, fog, rainstorm, heavy snow and sand storms and so on, and visibility does not reach the standard, then an airplane can not take off or come; If the snow or ice on the runway is not removed, a plane can not be removed or landed.

2. The plane. If the failure of a plane is not removed timely, a flight must be delayed or canceled; Sometimes if there are fewer airplanes in operation, it will affect normal flights.

3. Limits of airport facilities or airplane facilities. Under the same weather conditions, some airports allow some airplanes with advanced equipment to take off or arrive, but other airports or planes can not.

4. Security work to ensure the safety of a flight. For example, flight control, communication and navigation, security checks, time guarantees and more. No matter which of them is not good, a flight will be affected.

5. Passengers. If there is a passenger who can not provide a seasonal time and he gives his luggage, the plane can not be removed before the baggage is taken to the plane; if there is a passenger with something to deal temporarily, the flight will be affected.

In addition, under the circumstances of war, disasters and natural disasters, a flight may be delayed or canceled. On top of these factors, some are a carrier problem, so the carrier should try to create conditions to solve these problems; some are caused by passengers, so passengers should provide assistance to solve this problem; others are difficult to avoid.

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