The Night Hawk, the World's First Stealth Bomber

When I visited the USA in 1998 as part of the air force team, we quartered one of the USAF bases. At one end (that area is subject to borders) we can see the dark shape of the airplane bat. They are part of the USF's secret arsenal and from my knowledge; I know this is the famous stealth fighter. It is numbered as F-115 and is called Night Hawk. The plane at that time was the world's most advanced and no one was like it.

Technology is Russian

The Night Hawk costs 111 million dollars each and is discontinued in the USAF after 25 years and replaced by F-22 or Raptor. F-117 is never the least of a thing and it's a fraudulent technology. This technology was published in a research paper presented in 1964 by a Russian scientist named Pykr. The Russians ignored this role but lockheed engineers arranged the paper in detail. In fact, Prof said that an airplane could work that could allow radar waves to bounce off the plane and thus render the aircraft not seen in radar detection. it can only be seen.

This means making an airplane with an unconventional design. it has construction angles, which are of a particular slant so that the radar waves can bounce off. The plane with the appearance of a bat and has christened the Night Hawk. Night Hawk first flown in 1981 and several years later was entered into the USAF. Night Hawk is a revolutionary design and within 5 years the Americans have hidden it secretly before the world knows this unique plane. The Russians ridicule the development of the F-117 and wonder how they missed the bus.

Use of operations

Night Hawk was put into use and widely used in bombardment of Iraq, in the 1992 US-Iraq war. The plane despite a slow speed of some 660km / hr was not detected. It has a limited range of 1000 km and that for a target, mid-air refueling is required. Defensive weapons are not treated with the ability to attack a target that has not been detected. It carries 2 x 1000 laser guided bombs, which can penetrate even 12ft of concrete and therefore a force multiplier. The Russians are however difficult to work to take advantage of their own stealth fighter and the US needs the other plane to feel. The research began and led to the Raptor, which had a longer range and flew 3 times at the speed of the Night Hawk. Once the Raptor is ready for combat tactics, the F-117 has been removed, but it has served the US interest for 25 years. During this time, a Night Hawk lost the battle in Serbia when it struck a Russian mission. The pilot was saved from a dramatic mission to rescue, but the plane crashed. Russian engineers as well as Chinese survivors of the plane and took them to Moscow and China in an effort to understand stealth technology. Parts of the plane can be found at the Museum in Belgrade.

Last word

The F-115 remained the only deadly fighter in the world during cold war days and even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plane was the ultimate US action offensive. It was used extensively in Afghanistan when the United States occupied an invasion and no plane was lost despite the missiles

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