Travel Europe by Plane, Train, Bus Or Car – It's Easy

Map your trip – travel to Europe by train, airline, bus or rent a car. It saves you time and money. If you're on a budget, compare prices against trains, planes or buses. See departure, arrival time and travel length.

By train

The journey to Europe by train is still the most popular way to go around. If your life's motto travels in the light, it's a great way to get to your favorite cities! Find out how many countries you visit. There are several types of train fares to suit your needs. Do you travel the day you can admire the scenery? Or at night, as you sleep it and wake up to your new destination, are you saving a night of stay at a hotel? Travel Europe in Europe! Together with locals. One piece of advise, as back home, please keep your wedding near you, especially in larger cities like Rome.

I traveled across Europe alone. And for women traveling alone, Europe can be somewhat safe. I did not have the need to travel in the evening because I prefer sleeping in a warm comfy bed. 🙂 While traveling, take your drinks. Most train stations have shops and kiosks. It's hard to thirst on the board and pray for that person selling snacks to show!

Eurorail or eurail pass can only be bought while you are outside of Europe. There are special passes depending on the length of your stay, how many times you are traveling and some countries you will find. It's easy to use if you're covering several cities at one time, it's best to buy point-to-point tickets. In these cases, I bought a mine in the area.

A green way to travel around the UK: Get around the Virgin train! They get rates from just GBP 12.50 one way. And if you book early, they have great deals for first class. First class and environmental saving, which is a great combination.

By plane

For those who want to get to their destination faster and cheaper, European regional airlines have flight promotions sometimes cheaper than train fares! Wow! A great way to travel to Europe! So instead of traveling one night on a train, you can choose to fly! There are many cheap airlines out there to make us female travelers happy!

The British Midland flies from London to many European cities. My flight to Paris in London with a group was delayed but the service was made up for it. After the delay, I still flew to the British Midland.

I also tried easyjet from Dortmund to Rome Ciampino and Jet2 from Leeds to Amsterdam Schiphol. These are low budget airlines. If I book quickly, I can get my Leeds to Amsterdam fares for only GBP 1 (excluding taxes)!

Flying within Italy? Try My Air. They also fly to many international cities within Europe.

Be aware that you pay for drinks and snacks on the board to make sure you have coins or small bills ready. The flights are left in time and in about an hour, you are at your destination!

On the other hand, there is a possibility to rent a private jet. See Net Jets Europe if you do not want to wait for flights (like other mortals).

By car

If you are the kind who loves to drive during your vacation and consider a map that reads a recreation without stress, then continue and rent a car! Driving in Europe is a breeze … says Jan (my hubby) … I can not say the same because I do not know how to drive!

By bus

The bus in Europe is an alternative to going by train. Simple & # 39; y. Hop on, hop off. Coaches have become very modern now. The ride is as quiet as you are on a plane! Is your trip your next trip to Europe? There are several bus companies to choose from.

I traveled to the Euroline & # 39; Travel to Amsterdam to Paris. We left Amstel Station at about 8 pm and arrived in Paris at 6 am. There are several toilet stops throughout the night and because the seats are comfortable, I'm pretty much on arrival.

National Express is a UK operator's operator who goes to about a thousand places in the United Kingdom and popular destinations in Europe (including Euroline) to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. Petersburg! There are some really great offers so you can get only one chance in a great deal. Trips may take longer than a train but you will not worry about your luggage because all the luggage is stored under the coach.

By private coach

The best land journey, you and your friends and family are privy to your own coach! Plan your itinerary and bring your own professional driver around the continent for the duration of the trip. The latest family team decided to travel to Europe (well, Italy and France) in the comfort and security of their own luxurious coach, a big plus on their vacation! Children claim back seats to chat all day and their parents stay in front enjoying the scene!

On the ferry

This is a great alternative for those who are easy to get bored. You can get various boards board activities to never be a dull moment as you travel to Europe with yourself.

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