Are People Who Take Drugs Accessing the Astral Plane?

It depends on drugs, but if the modified perception is involved then at a certain level the answer is yes. However, for many reasons it is harmful and definitely not recommended. First, the drugs are artificially stimulated and forces open reception centers in a way that might be harmful to the subtler's unprepared bodies. The natural awareness of opening these centers through simple strategies is by far a much more interesting and rewarding experience.

I believe that & # 39; instant enjoyment & # 39; that the drugs may seem to give only a learned mental greed, a blown-out-of-all-proportion & # 39; I like! & # 39 ;, especially when a little patience and practice can make repeatable and repeatable results. Many drugs have physical side effects, but all of them are temporarily unbalanced with energy centers (chakra) at one level or another. Often this is more of a feeling of this imbalance and the resulting experiences that people are addicted to any addictive nature to the medications themselves (marijuana is an example of it.)

Common street drugs not only help you achieve the Astral Projection, but are likely to produce energetic conditions within your body that may actually avoid projecting. At least until the imbalance actually subsides. And unfortunately for fans of the wacky tobacky, marijuana is known to suppress the memory of memory and change the REM cycle, which certainly does not help with dignified dreams and in many cases it prevails (though the individual variants of impact.)

Other drugs that affect happiness (such as full happiness, heroine, cocaine etc.) may be temporarily open to one's feeling of a happier level of astral. But regardless of the short impact, this is an unpleasant way because of their temporary and pendulum-swinging nature only, and the physical and psychic repercussions confirm it. Through natural strategies, one gets access to knowledge of how to anchor blissful experiences in everyday life. Is it not uncommon to state what people call happiness & # 39;? It is very easy to create as generally thought of!

Hallucinogenic drugs (such as magic mushrooms, LSDs, cocktail cocktail parties, peyote, etc.) often bring about a & # 39; bleedthrough & # 39; of astral perceptions in physical perceptions. It can be confusing or disorienting, especially if there is no experience focused on one's awareness, and always the danger of a & # 39; bad trip & # 39 ;; unlike the colorful and evolutionary Astral we seek to access. Temporary trips can be a curiosity for some, explaining for others, but really can not be used in natural ways.

More and more hallucinogens like DMT or salvia divinorum or something are a subject themselves, purportedly resulting in similar travels that are similar to projection. I do not want to explore the topic here, much information elsewhere. However, I really want to take care of them with anyone who has no experience with hallucinogens, because the immediacy and intensity of drugs are very difficult to control. Surely it should not be used for escaping a negative state like most ecstatic drugs – rather they will strengthen the experience of your current state manifold.

Projectors have developed their own investigations by observing drug users to access Astral and unitedly reporting the key aspects of such procedures, including others & # 39; different damage to physical and astral bodies. The only thing that is observed to temporarily counteract the damage to any value is the spiritual purpose of man, for example examples seen in various shamans.

Finally, drugs are no longer needed when larger, more robust, more useful, and more enjoyable and enjoyable experiences can have a natural way. At the socioeconomic level, the spread of drugs in any society is more than an indicator of the devaluation of the meaning of life, and a lack of true spiritual education in ways to achieve psychological growth and the both states are agreeable.

When it comes to the goals of Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming, we want to learn how to create and experience our wishes. We need to be more consciously focused. And the focus is usually the first thing we lose when we use any kind of substance thinking. It's usually a & # 39; unconscious & # 39; and # 39; rather than a & # 39; conscious & # 39; travel in many aspects – at least we do not know exactly where we are or exactly how we got there. It's strange and unfortunate to think that some people are trying to maintain the drug behavior when it's easier (and cheaper) to know natural methods … if they are just more prevalent and well-known (and used.)

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