Astral Plane – Inhabitants of the Astral Dimension

The size of the astral is inhabited by different creatures.

  • These can be called non-physical subtle energy-form life, while Carlos Castenada is quite right to call them inorganic beings. Some of them have a positive nature (kindness) and some have negative nature (bad-tempered). Their intelligence can vary considerably.
  • Most of them have their own agenda and generally do not like being bothered and interfered with. High levels of creatures like the demigods, spiritual masters and angels are counted as if we want to range them, we will find them as useful, sometimes useful, useful, rather playful, neutral and up to bad, bad, bad and bad.

Astral may appear in various imagination forms. Some of the unsophisticated species are animalistic and deceptive in nature, such as animal and animal insects in physical dimensions. These non-intelligent, animal and negative species are simply called Astral Wildlife. Although they are from one place to or near the astral world, many of them can work in real time zones. Some of them, unfortunately, seem to enjoy the astral projectors, especially beginners.

One can find absolutely everything in the astral dimension. In some ways, astral can be like an ocean: you will find fish, octopus dolphins, whales, sharks, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, turtles, penguins, seals, etc. Some of the human oceans are gentle, some are harmless, some are harmful when they are, are annoyed, disturbed or hungry, some are accidentally dangerous, while some are dangerous at all times. You can also find many travelers there, some even far from the regions, found on flying, sailing or swimming.

As many parts of the astral dimension are full of life, it is very rare to meet some interested people there, but it can happen sometimes. Almost every plane and land plane has local inhabitants. They almost live in certain realms or places and they are often quite unaware of any other facts or dimensions than themselves. They are often amazed when faced with some astral traveler. Some other types you can meet are aware of other realms and sizes, but most of them have no or little patience with the projectors and usually ignore them.

In some ways, approaching astral inorganizations you do not know is like approaching strangers in our physical reality. Most strangers tend to ignore other people, though thinking they are polite to ask a few questions. Most astral beings, like most strangers, do not seem to be entertaining in relation to strangers' relationships. They usually have more important things to do in their time on the astral plane.

During your events, you, of course, will occasionally meet other astral travelers like yourself, but most of them do not know they are planning. It seems that the consciousness and memories of the astral projectors from their physical existence, who and what they are, vary greatly. Many of them seem to feel tired or sleepwalking. Some just go through the flow of their astral life and events. Many of them were absolutely surprised when it stressed them that they could fly and do all the other astral abilities.

Variations in memory and awareness can be caused by many factors. The most common is the energetic development and activity, the power of energy that flows into the projector from its physical or etheric body, and whether or not the projector makes a conscious astral projection, maintaining its / this awareness afterwards . A conscious astral project or out-of-body-experience brings greater energy flows to the expected astral double. This is not a case in the unconscious, sleep projector.

The most important thing to know about any of the unconscious creatures, wise or unwise, you can get acquainted with the astral dimension are not all creatures or dream creatures from your mental mind. They have their own existence, purpose and meaning, whatever it is. In most cases, these are not just decorations in the astral land that will be used by any astral traveler. Most non-organic creatures do not like irritability, which is questioned by the ongoing outflow of the missing and accompanying astral projectors.

Of course, some astral beings will receive a conversation and even encourage and assist astral travelers, especially if the projectors are sincere, courteous and positive in their way. In the astral plane, as you engage, so if you are gentle, sincere, if you feel unconditional love, you are more likely to recognize the creatures like you.

If, however, happens to meet some bad or bad, the first thing you should know is – do not be scared! Fear will prevent your abilities, so being able to make you some problems. Stay calm and have dignity; Whatever you are trying to do for you, you can always leave it with positive though to travel elsewhere. Or you can go back to your physical body in one part of the second. You can also declare, "I am not with you, nor against you. Leave me alone." If your mood is sufficient, you will lose it soon. Do not be afraid. Nothing really bad can happen to you.

The Night Hawk, the World's First Stealth Bomber

When I visited the USA in 1998 as part of the air force team, we quartered one of the USAF bases. At one end (that area is subject to borders) we can see the dark shape of the airplane bat. They are part of the USF's secret arsenal and from my knowledge; I know this is the famous stealth fighter. It is numbered as F-115 and is called Night Hawk. The plane at that time was the world's most advanced and no one was like it.

Technology is Russian

The Night Hawk costs 111 million dollars each and is discontinued in the USAF after 25 years and replaced by F-22 or Raptor. F-117 is never the least of a thing and it's a fraudulent technology. This technology was published in a research paper presented in 1964 by a Russian scientist named Pykr. The Russians ignored this role but lockheed engineers arranged the paper in detail. In fact, Prof said that an airplane could work that could allow radar waves to bounce off the plane and thus render the aircraft not seen in radar detection. it can only be seen.

This means making an airplane with an unconventional design. it has construction angles, which are of a particular slant so that the radar waves can bounce off. The plane with the appearance of a bat and has christened the Night Hawk. Night Hawk first flown in 1981 and several years later was entered into the USAF. Night Hawk is a revolutionary design and within 5 years the Americans have hidden it secretly before the world knows this unique plane. The Russians ridicule the development of the F-117 and wonder how they missed the bus.

Use of operations

Night Hawk was put into use and widely used in bombardment of Iraq, in the 1992 US-Iraq war. The plane despite a slow speed of some 660km / hr was not detected. It has a limited range of 1000 km and that for a target, mid-air refueling is required. Defensive weapons are not treated with the ability to attack a target that has not been detected. It carries 2 x 1000 laser guided bombs, which can penetrate even 12ft of concrete and therefore a force multiplier. The Russians are however difficult to work to take advantage of their own stealth fighter and the US needs the other plane to feel. The research began and led to the Raptor, which had a longer range and flew 3 times at the speed of the Night Hawk. Once the Raptor is ready for combat tactics, the F-117 has been removed, but it has served the US interest for 25 years. During this time, a Night Hawk lost the battle in Serbia when it struck a Russian mission. The pilot was saved from a dramatic mission to rescue, but the plane crashed. Russian engineers as well as Chinese survivors of the plane and took them to Moscow and China in an effort to understand stealth technology. Parts of the plane can be found at the Museum in Belgrade.

Last word

The F-115 remained the only deadly fighter in the world during cold war days and even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plane was the ultimate US action offensive. It was used extensively in Afghanistan when the United States occupied an invasion and no plane was lost despite the missiles

Why Could a Flight Be Delayed Or Canceled?

I often take a flight to China. Every year, I learn a lot about flights. An airplane usually lasts and arrives in time, but some factors can cause delays or cancellations of flights. Factors are mainly as follows:

1. Bad weather. If the weather at the airport is bad, for example, fog, rainstorm, heavy snow and sand storms and so on, and visibility does not reach the standard, then an airplane can not take off or come; If the snow or ice on the runway is not removed, a plane can not be removed or landed.

2. The plane. If the failure of a plane is not removed timely, a flight must be delayed or canceled; Sometimes if there are fewer airplanes in operation, it will affect normal flights.

3. Limits of airport facilities or airplane facilities. Under the same weather conditions, some airports allow some airplanes with advanced equipment to take off or arrive, but other airports or planes can not.

4. Security work to ensure the safety of a flight. For example, flight control, communication and navigation, security checks, time guarantees and more. No matter which of them is not good, a flight will be affected.

5. Passengers. If there is a passenger who can not provide a seasonal time and he gives his luggage, the plane can not be removed before the baggage is taken to the plane; if there is a passenger with something to deal temporarily, the flight will be affected.

In addition, under the circumstances of war, disasters and natural disasters, a flight may be delayed or canceled. On top of these factors, some are a carrier problem, so the carrier should try to create conditions to solve these problems; some are caused by passengers, so passengers should provide assistance to solve this problem; others are difficult to avoid.

The History and the Uses of Jet Fuel

Over the centuries, aviation has become one of the most developed inventions. Aviation has become one of the most important means of transportation. No aviation, we can not travel around the world for a short time. We still rely on ships to travel, which is time-consuming and poor. However, the development of the aviation industry also leads to the exploration of a new type of fuel. The new type of fuel is focused solely on air transportation, and this is another important thing in all the airplanes. All aircraft use a type of fuel known as jet fuel or aviation fuel. There is no fuel grade of the plane, the airplanes do not have the fuel source to be powerful in the powerful jet turbine engine that generates lift and other electric power for the aircraft.

As aircraft engines are more complex, they will need more sophisticated fuel types to boost engines more efficiently. Common fuel is not perfect for airplanes. At the dawn of aviation, most of the planes have a small, simple engine that runs vehicles. However, simple gasoline is not the best gasoline for powerful engines used by piston-driven planes built in the 1930s and 1940s. Simple petrol is not good, and it does not have a high octane rating. All types of fuel have a benchmark rating. The benchmark is its octane level. The higher the value of octane allows a powerful piston engine to burn the fuel efficiently. At the time, the age of Jet, the new invention of the jet engine does not require a kind of fuel that is vaporized as easily as ever. Instead of using old gasoline, they turned to a mixture of Kerosene and Gasoline. The first type of jet fuel is known as JP-1. On the other hand, there was a newly developed JP-8, they use a type of fuel because it has a higher level of combustion and less carcinogenic. All jet fuels have only required that all types of aviation fuels do not ignite at low temperatures, to prevent any accidental fire.

In commercial airplanes, they use a fuel jet. A fuel grade is pure fuel, and has a flash-point of 49 degrees centigrade. A gasoline is a high quality gasoline. If the jet fails in purity and other quality tests for the use of aircraft jet, it is sold to ground-based users with fewer required requirements. Commercial jet fuel as well as military fuel jets often involves anti-freeze to prevent ice flaring within the fuel tank. Having ice to build a gas tank is one of the last things a pilot wanted during their flight. Today, the jet fuel cost is around 0.95 cents per gallon. Jet fuel is cheaper than gasoline because it is pure gas and commercial airlines that buy them in bulk, making the price much cheaper. Before jet fuel can be useful oil should be obtained from crude oil and purify it to burn it cleanly in jet engines. After completion of the acquisition, the chemist must know the inclusion of gas and gasoline to make the gasoline efficiently as long as possible, and keep the engine from unnecessary misfires.

In conclusion, the introduction of Jet fuel has changed the face of the aviation industry. Without the aviation grade, fuel fares are more expensive because they need to use fuel to run engines. The use of jet fuel is better for airplanes because they are designed for work.

Considering Private Jet Charter: What You Should Know

Private jet charter is one of the best ways to travel and the right choice in many different situations. There are many reasons why the jet charter may be the preferred way to get to your next destination, whether you are taking a business trip or going on a family vacation. Before you decide to consider private jet charter, however, there are some things to know about chartering private air transportation.

Facts and Information About Private Jet Charter

One of the first and foremost things to learn when considering private jet charter is that you have a great deal of flexibility that relates to the type of air travel you can use. Many people just do not believe they are stuck on a small plane if they decide to fly privately. In fact, this is not the case.

When you charter a jet, you can choose from a variety of different jet sizes available to you, meaning that you can fit both large groups and small ones your jet and that you can travel both far distance and close. Charter jets available in general are generally divided into four different size groups: heavy jets, very large jets; midsized jets and finally light jets or turbo props. Light jets and turbo props can be a truly enjoyable and cost-effective way to fly, while larger jets will allow you to go further and bring more people to you if you choose you.

Another important thing to know when considering the jet charter is the fact that private jets fly to many other airports than common commercial airplanes. Many people have erroneously believed that they will have a wider range of destinations if they fly on a commercial plane because, after all, these airlines have many passengers who want to go to so many others & # 39; ;

The truth is, there are only around 550 airports that receive large commercial airplanes-so these airplanes can only fly to these destinations. Private jets, on the other hand, fly to an estimated 5500 airports. It is larger than the number of airports for commercial airplanes. With so many options for where your jet can fly in- and have the ability to design your own itinerary based solely on your needs- you can eliminate unnecessary travel times and delays and you can get closer to your destination faster.

Lastly, it is important to understand that the jet charter does not have to cost that prevents. Charging a private jet is probably the smallest way to be involved in private air travel. Sharing fractional ownership and jet cards is both a more expensive way to travel than private charter jets.

Studying these and other facts about private jet charter should help you to get a more realistic picture of what chartering a jet will really be like and what are the benefits of chartering. With a little research, you will soon be able to see why private jet chartering is right for you.

BR 5 – Review Of Mini Flyers By Pamela Liflander

Date of Review: February 21, 2007

Name of the Book: Mini Flyers

Author: Pamela Liflander

ISBN #: 0-7624-1617-3

Year of the original book / Year of my copy – 2003

Pages – 31

Cover Price – $ 6.95

# of Planets – 4 (including 1 mini foam plane)

Airplane names – Simple Dart, Sabertooth, Flying Wing, Teal

Level of poverty – (1-10) 5

Comments: Mini Flyers' Mini-Book and Kit is a great little gift for an inexperienced pilot of airplane paper. This is not the greatest book on paper planes, but it is not meant to be.

The book covers the construction of 4 airplanes, all of which are familiar with a timely flyer. So & # 39; t think about who you are giving it. If they are new in the field, then 3 to 4 of the designs are likely to be new to them.

The last chapter of the book is about testing and recording the results of your flights then challenging you to make changes to your airplanes and re-test them. Well written and concise, hopefully bring test pilot out to everyone!

There is a mini foam flyer and stickers included. Stickers are a great touch to decorate your airplane or the foam flyer. The foam flyer will fly too, and a younger sibling (or herself) will stay.

Also included are 2 sheets of heavyweight paper. Not sure what this is for. It's too heavy to make a traditional airplane paper, and it's folded in a small square as well, heavily growing. Perhaps this is for packing? Also a plastic nose weight does not require a flyer of foam. You do not know why that's it. The print is very small in the book; Make sure you have a good look!

So my grade for this book is generally a 3. But as a gift to a frivolous pilot, I give it 5, just in the strength of the design.

Why can a low score be? Somewhat few things. Only 4 airplanes covered in the book, wasting potentially space with 2 blank blank sheets, inserting a plastic nose balance for no specific reason, the picture behind the box showing an airplane that does not follow directions to the book, and finally the relatively high price of $ 6.95

All of this is easy to rectify, and I hope to review it again when the changes are made.

Total score: 3/10 airplanes

Why Jump Out Of A Perfectly Good Plane? Tips For First Time Sky Divers

Skydiving is one of the world's most fearsome, most entertaining and entertaining adventures. An excessive sport that is sure to make any first fear and nervousness. In fact, jumpers on the second or third occasions may feel that the sweat will build on their hands.

It should not worry and trust me that you are not alone. All nervous and tense emotions are just adrenaline kicking out of excitment. Will the rest of the world be honest returning time and hours without adrenaline kick?

The hardest part for the first galaxies is actually getting into the plane and most of these requests are scary & # 39; Never responding to the actual jump itself, it is more the build up to jump and then resting on the edge of the second plane before plummeting out.

So do not let me try to put your mind at ease.

First of all the sky diving company you choose will definitely give you the first lesson on the ground. The company will come through it a couple of times until the lessons sink and will introduce you to all the equipment you need for your first skydive.

Secondly for most first timers your jump will be tandem, meaning that a professional skydiver is strapped to you and he will control the parachute and source down.

The lesson here is to trust your instructor and professional. The guys spent countless hours of training and jumping out of the plane, they also spent a ton of money to get to where they are now.

It includes over 200 jumps in most countries as well as covering the freefall course at accelerated speeds, so they are all through it before.

Another thing to note is that these professional instructors are also the first time different heaven at some point so they know how to feel and experience the same feelings.

Skydiving is meant to be fun, so do not forget that. It's probably a good idea to list the reasons why you want to try sky diving and the benefits you get here. They may include;

The heart-pumping adrenaline that provides skydiving, starts with the life of thrills and excitments (it's just one), to get the feeling of free collapse, to see landscapes or nearby ones from a new perspective and others pa.

Even though your mind may try to deceive you into thinking that skydiving is unsafe, the facts say otherwise. It is a highly regulated sport in most countries where tour companies need to scratch with the latest qualifications as well as impeccable maintenance on their airplanes and their equipment.

You will have two parachute attached to you so you always have a reserve if the first shoot is not open and if it's your time, going tandem you definitely do not need to worry about it. You can sit back and enjoy the ride.

So you can not see many safety guidelines, training and an army of professional jumpers to make your first skydive as safe and enjoyable.

As your first jump let the pilots, tour operators and instructors worry about the technical aspects of things. In this way you can just sit and enjoy the ride – even though it is the ride of your life.

Warbirds Away! Visit the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, AZ

Do you know that we have one of the major air museums in America right here in Mesa? The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum is located in a large garage at Falcon Field, just outside of 202 at Greenfield and Mckellips. This remarkable establishment is a facility of aircraft recovery and facility repair, and home to an incredible vessel of restored military vehicles.

Volunteers here are made up of retired military pilots, airmen and flight enthusiasts, and maintain a growing collection of aircraft from the past: The B-25J Bride in the Shade, a SNJ, C-47 Skytrain / Dakota, C-45 Expeditor, PT-17 Stearman, and a L-16 Grasshopper. The flagship of the fleet is the fully restored and fully airworthy B-17G Sentimental Journey. There are some more exciting things than seeing, hearing and feeling this warbird creeping in your head at low altitude! The fleet is often seen making flyovers in local events, or in building military fun – a vision to see.

When you enter the museum, you will see an ongoing change of military memorabilia, such as uniforms, medals, weapons and occasional Jeep or cannon. You can also see the project planes in different restoration or retention stages. True treatment, however, appears in the tarmac and visits to the warbird itself. Museums of museum are available to share stories of their battle experiences and guide you through the restoration process. Occasionally a WWII vet will even stop to share his experience! You are free to wander; often times the airplane is open for you to take a peek, or even ride on the ramp! Being inside illustrates the hardships and dangers that fans have been able to withstand every day in battle.

Are you ready to take a visit to a notch? There are rides available on seven WWII airplane fighter, including Sentimental Journey. All money from ticket purchases goes towards restoration and the huge cost of gasoline. The museum is an educational non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that is almost entirely voluntary; all donations are welcome! Be aware that some of the planes leave the summer to join the national Flying Legends of the Victory Tour. Flying into one of the beauties can be the thrill of a life!

Quoted from the website: "For the education and satisfaction of current and future generations of Americans, our fleet of historic aircraft will recreate, remind, and strengthen lessons learned from moments of reference to military history of the American military. " As we lose more members of our Greatest Generation, it is important to keep their life history, and the Commemorative Air Force is leading the way. Please join them!

Courchevel Airport Celebrates 50 Years of Operation

The 1997 James Bond, Tomorrow Never Dies introductory credit card was captured at Courchevel airport and Altiport regularly features programs made on the most dangerous airports in the world. The History Channel recorded the Courchevel airport at number 7 above 10.

After 50 years of operation, the airport in Courchevel still receives a number of aircraft in one day, reducing the wealthy passengers in private areas and helicopters.

The airport is located just above 2000 meters in altitude, above the ski resort of Courchevel 1850, known for its rich and famous clients and hotels and luxury boutiques.

Original larger planes such as Twin otters and Dash 7 can fly to small airports, with up to 50 passengers, but now flights are restricted to smaller airplanes such as Cessnas. Any pilot flying at the airport must pass a certification while he or she must arrange the mountain land around the airport and a short steep lane, which is located. When the take of the plane goes down the path, only 525 long and a vertical drop. There is a small room for error.

Courchevel airport (located at 45 ° 23 & # 39; 51 "N 6 ° 38" 06 "E) admits a certain level of sin in the aviation world because of having one of the shortest runways in the world, with a length of 525 meters (1,722 ft) and a gradient of 18.5% to help landing the aircraft slowly. Plane land uphill ads are going down. In landing there is no go-around procedure as the run the way is so short and has only a small parking area at a far end for the airplane.

Courchevel Altiport serves the ski area of ​​Courchevel in the French Alps and skiers can regularly see planes and helicopters that are displacing and coming. In fact there is a restaurant adjacent to the airport from which you can watch strategy approach and leave.

Over 50 years of history, Courchevel airport has seen many crashes, including a deadly crash in October 2010 when a small plane had difficulty removing and side care in the trees below, killing 2 people on board.

Courchevel airport has recently celebrated its 50th birthday with the help of the Manali hotel (located in Courchevel 1650) and a large hot air balloon.

Different companies offer ski transfers to and from an altiport or helicopter that can be released from other airports to fly directly to the ski resort.

About Astral Projection – Levitating You to a Higher Plane

The Astral projection, also called astral journey is usually an esoteric interpretation of an interesting phenomenon called the Out of Body Experience (OOBE). An esoteric interpretation usually reflects a concept that is understood and effectively only defined by an enlightened range of people and their inner circle. OOBE usually reflects the existence or ability of having a & # 39; astral body & # 39; separated from the physical body and capable of traveling outside it.

If you are wondering about astral travel, it usually shows the separation of the astral body from the physical body and travels it to the astral plane.

Astral journey is usually associated with life after which permanent eradication of the astral body (spirit) from the physical body and transfer it to the astral plane. Here are also the experiences of close experiences with death, dreams, state of illness, drug and drug influences, sleep, meditation and some forms of paralysis.

About astral projections, it is often considered a paranormal concept, the truth according to OOBE expert Jerry Gross, is all astral journeys as they sleep, but they have no experience of memories as they startle. In short, anyone and everyone have the possibility to leave their physical body as they sleep in the form of an astral body, but they can not only remember doing so.

More About Astral Projection

Sometimes the projection of the astral is possible where one person is able to project itself out of the physical body as some form of spiritual practice. It involves traveling to higher places on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Whether it is true or a reflection of some, there is no way to verify its experimentation.

But many such accounts in many cultures and races by the world through many centuries.

The belief that a person has undergone a bodily experience or has made an OOBE is a common and numerous personal accounts and articles in which people, even among different seasons and cultures In the world, there seems to have had astral travel with similar symptoms.

As experience is subjective, there is no direct proof or confirmation if the astral body or plane actually exists. Today, we can only count on anecdotal evidence to have a view on the subject or support the idea that it is possible that people actually leave and travel outside of the body.

Whether or not validated, the facts about the astral projection continue to gain more and more interest and speculation over time.