Paleokhora – Crete & # 39; s best kept secret

Paleochora & # 39; The Bride of the Libyan Sea, as it is called, sits on the southwest coast of Crete, a small, usually Greek-type town (or perhaps a large village). Well, & # 39; sitting & # 39; on the coast is a little deceptive. The city is built on a small peninsula that overlooks the sea and is a great vacation spot for many & # 39; knowledge & # 39; About 80% of tourists visiting the city come back again and again. Many of them would not recommend Paleochora to anyone but trusted friends because they want to prevent it from becoming too widespread and developed.

Surrounding Paleokhora is easy. Spending from the west takes only 5 minutes to the east coast, and the city is between the two, so you're never far from anywhere. Someone described it as being on a small island in Greece, as it is easy to forget that you are connected to a large land mass.

The mass of this land is useful, consider you. The great mountains protect the Paleokhoras from the worst weather. Many times it can be pouring rain on the north shore and in sunny and dry Paleokhora. The city is proud of two & # 39; Blue Flag & # 39; beaches, a huge sandy beach on the west (which has a semi-official nudist section) and a mosaic beach on the east. This is useful because on windy days there is always a beach sheltered. The urine is very clean, crystal clear and there are no dangerous currents, so bathing is safe for everyone. In fact, Paleokhora is an ideal place for an old-fashioned family holiday.

At the peak of the peninsula is a 12th-century Venetian castle that is worth exploring. Unfortunately, most of these walls remain only these days, but there are many archaeological works done here to show the structures that once stood here. In addition, the views back to the city are breathtaking with the mountains behind. You will peel your eyes. You can find a century-old Venetian coin on the ground or even on an old cannon.

At night, the city turns into a low-key but interesting resort. The main street passing through the city center and the eastern beachfront are closed after 7pm, with restaurants and bars bringing their tables to the streets. Walking around town listening to many different languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat speak to people who enjoy them is a real pleasure. There is no drunken behavior, not just nice nice people who all have a fun evening. This is a complete escape from the trash can, & # 39; your face & # 39; resorts where very small towns grew up. Here you can feel Greece like it was 25 or 30 years ago (even the prices here are the lowest in Crete).