Souks and sunbathing, Plus 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia

Tunisia combines Mediterranean seaside resorts with desert adventure, stunning cities and magnificent historical sites. Here are 10 great reasons to visit Tunisia to help you get started with your vacation planning and follow-up research, showing you the best that this part of North Africa has to offer from sunbathing to shopping.

Beaches. Golden Sand Miles hosts such popular resorts as Hammamet and Monastir, places such as Port El Kantau and the Djerba and Kerkene Islands.

Desert. Sahara calls. Join the four-wheeled Safari District to explore Matmata's lunar-like landscape where Star Wars was filmed or watch the sunrise over Tozur and Duz cities.

History: The sights of Tunisia are drawn from many modern resorts. The country has been boasting of amazing ancient sites for thousands of years. Must-saws include Cartagena and the magnificent Roman amphitheater in El Jem.

Officer: Relax in one of Tunisia's famous thalassotherapy spas offering a range of treatments using warm seawater. Many large hotels have a spa.

Food. Away from hotels, dining options range from delicious Tunisian restaurants to trendy sidewalk cafes in resorts such as Port El Kantau. Popular local dishes include brisket, a light-cooked egg wrapped in filo pastry.

Shopping: Enjoy some goodies in the halls of Tunisia, Sousse, and other major cities. Most purchases include leather goods, carpets and ceramics.

Golf: Not all the sand in Tunisia. There is also a good selection of green good roads. Most weaving sites are: Hammamet, Monastir / Skanes and Tabarka.

Tour. Join a guided tour or hire a car to explore lesser-known gems like Kairan, with a magnificent mosque and ancient medina and impressive Roman remains of Douglas and Bulla.

cities Tunisia combines fine lanes with narrow belts and wandering parks with a more European-style new city, with tree-lined avenues and elegant buildings. Do not miss the Bardo Museum, which boasts a well-known collection of Roman mosaics.

Festivals: Try authentic Sahara traditions, such as camel races, magical shows and nomadic dance at the Douz International Festival every December. There is also a vibrant weekly market in the city, where Berbers goes for camels.

So the holiday in Tunisia offers a country of Bedouin villages and vast desert landscapes accessible by popular resorts, very cheap flights to Tunisia from all over Europe. It is also a place, no matter how many times you visit it, it raises many surprises in one of the most spectacular Roman amphitheater, where you can find anywhere to dine under the stars.