Benidorm Weekend for last-minute partying

Parties and weddings are designed the wrong way. If everything goes well, expect something great. One of the well-planned (or poorly planned) things that can go wrong is a chicken party. If you are a maid / honor maid, you are probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown and you realize to yourself that you have not planned anything before.

Benidorm comes to your rescue. It is only 2 hours from London. The nearest airport to Benidorm, 52km away, can be ordered by the cheapest flight from Alicante. You can get to Benidorm by bus, which is the cheapest option for taxis. As you enter the city you will be greeted by sandy beaches and lovely locals.

This destination is especially great for British tourists as there are many settled British families here. They provide accommodation and food and will make you much more at home. Two things you can do on your Benidorm weekends are to visit the country side and lie on the beach. Two famous beaches are Levante and Ponte. Both are equally good and are accompanied by refreshing pubs and drinking stables.

You can try the scuba diving here as well, but this place is best known for its impeccable culture and the country feels like a never-ending big city haunt. Costa Blanca or the white coast is anchored by many tourist spots, but Benidorm has often had the privilege of being chosen alongside other major Spanish coastal cities. Shopping here is fun as many things are cheap. In addition, drinks flow like a river here, giving you the opportunity to try local beers.

A beer / beer tasting session is never too late to add to your hen's schedule. Last minute beach and watering for chicken parties are always on the available list. With summer temperatures reaching 29 ° C and above, there are plenty of water parks here to keep you cool. Those who don't like salty beach can still enjoy the water.