A trip to Clark International Airport from Clark International Airport

If you've just booked Air Asia, Cebu Pacific or Tiger Airways advertising fare from Clark Airport, you may decide to add one or two days when you return from your destination. Why are you asking? Since Clark Airport is located in Pampanga, a destination that has a lot to offer. Here are some ideas:

Factory outlet purchases. It is unknown to many that Pampangana, in particular Angeles, is in many department store stores. Most of these stores can be found in Robinson & # 39; s in Angeles. s at Starmills:

Ashara. Pampanga hands down the best place to try Filipino food. In fact, it is hailed as the culinary capital of the Philippines. There is something there so that they can prepare food that I can point to with my finger. So consider the following restaurants: Before going to the airport, try their delicious meal for lunch or snack, or go full blast food on your return.

  • All for "Cafe" for those who want some exotic food, like stuffed frogs and crabs (camaru)
  • Aling Lucing & # 39; s, to taste the default sizig
  • Historic Camalig Restaurant (yes, that full name), take a pizza for interesting Kapampangan
  • Razon & # 39; s, for halo-halo (it's a sweet dessert filled with milk and ice)
  • Bale Dutton to Anthony Bourdain & # 39; worth a visit for a satisfying meal (this is when Claude Tage brought a popular traveler / chef)

Study: . Philipp's journey to any destination in the Philippines is not over, without marveling at its natural beauty. In Pampanga you can try the following: Just make sure you do not forget to fly your plane.

  • In the dark. Pinatubo Sky Tour If you're already in Pampanga, this is one thing to try. It's & nbsp; Php4.500 per person, regardless of the number of people, as they have different aircraft sizes. It's on the expensive side, but make sure the view from the crater is worth it.
  • Riding at El Kabayo Equestrian Center. If you've enjoyed watching western movies, you'll definitely love this place. The facility, a replica of the old western city that was removed from the movie Old American Cowboy, provides the basis for horse riding. Here you will find quality horses, as these animals are retired horses from equestrian or show riding, and some are even imported from other countries.

There are many more things you can do in Pampangana and Clark Airport. As I said, it is itself a destination. You can have a food trip, a nature trip, and a shopping trip, and it will certainly take you more than a day. So the next time you catch one of those cheap flights to Clark Airport, make sure you save an extra couple of days.