Belgrade, the capital of European nightlife

Beyond its political history for the last two decades, or perhaps because of it, Belgrade is a city that is currently living a scene of its bustling nightlife. Back in the 1990s, as the NATO bombing struck, Belgrade held open air concerts, an achievement that has struck many foreigners. The two decades of bad press, […]

Fenna – Asia parking lot

Chennai is also known as Madras or Madrasapatinam. Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and is the fifth most populous city in India. Chennai is a fragile form of a city called Chennaipattinam, and there are two versions about the origin of the Chennai roster. Version 1. In 1639 the English acquired the city of […]

Relax on a November vacation

Christmas will soon be upon us in December, and what better way to avoid the cold and bitter winters of the UK than to go elsewhere? November holidays always have great deals for travelers as there are fewer travelers these days. Although temperatures in the Mediterranean are cooler than in summer, they are a safe […]