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Chennai is also known as Madras or Madrasapatinam. Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and is the fifth most populous city in India. Chennai is a fragile form of a city called Chennaipattinam, and there are two versions about the origin of the Chennai roster.

Version 1. In 1639 the English acquired the city of Chennaipattinam, which was named Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu.

Version 2. In Tamil the word chenni means face, and the name Chennapattinam is named after the temple of Chenna Kesava Perumal, which is considered the face of the city.

History: An ancient city rich in 350 years of culture and heritage has evolved to convince contemporary harmonious trends. Zenayan is famous for its sandy beaches, historical monuments, magnificent sculptures and amusement parks.

Monuments of the Stone Age have been found in a pit near Pallaramam, which, according to archaeological research in India, was known as a megalith cultural institution. The city was ruled by the well-known dynasties of southern India: Palawan, Zera, Khola, Pandya and Vainagara.

  • 1522 – The Portuguese arrived and built the port of San Tome.
  • 1612 – The Dutch Empire is established.
  • 2239 August 2239 – A small plot of Coromandel Coast was purchased by Francis Day, a British East India Company.
  • In 1746 the Fort St. Lodge and Madras were captured by the French under General La Bourdon.
  • At the end of the 18thi Century, the British conquered most of the districts around Tamilnadu.
  • 1947 – After India's independence, violent boycotts against Hindi became a national language. This played a significant role in changing the political dynamics of the state.

CultureA city of music, art and culture, the city is famous for its classical dance and fine temples. Tamil is the native language. On the Front of Music and Art, Zenai celebrates the five-week Musical Season with a revival of the 1927 Madras Music Academy. Noteworthy features are those very popular Kutchers who spoil their true Carnatic music performed by dozens of artists across the country. Chennai Sangamam, a yearly festival held every year in January, is a very popular Art Festival, featuring various arts in Tamil Nadu. Bharatnatyam originated in Tamil Nadu, and traditional dance promotes Kalakshetra of the Academy of Culture.

Zenai is located at A. At Fidambaram Stadium, known for its artistic stadium in Chennai, it is called M. Chennai is a two-time cricket-loving city and champions in the IPL (Indian Premier League), creating a wave in the world of Indian sports.

In addition to being an art lover, Chennai is well known for his tremendous obsession with Tamil filmmaking, and for showing his affection for iconic icons such as Ilyyarajan, K. Balachander, Sivaji Ganesan, MG. Ramachandran, Kamal Hasan, Rajinikanth, Mani Ratnam, and St. Shankar and this list lead to infinity. Legendary musician AR Rahman has been lauded not only for Tamil Nadu, but for the whole nation, with his far-reaching music, winning Oscars and Grammy awards.

Pongal is the most important festival celebrated on a large scale. The true delicacies of mouth water are Pongal, Dosa, Idli and Vadai, served with hot Filter C coffee.

Topography and weather. Zenai is located on the coast of the Koromodeli Bay of Bengal. The highest point at 6.7 m is 60 m. The Marina Beach runs approximately 12 km and flows into the two rivers Cooum / Koovam and Adyar, respectively, from the center and south. Chennai has a tropical wet and dry climate. The weather is warm and humid most of the year, as it lies on the thermal equator. Summers range from March to October, with the hottest part of the year being the end of May-early June, also known as Ani Nakshatram or Katri Veil. Monson dominates from June to September, with winters ranging from October to mid-January and winter rains.

Visits and Places in Zena.

  • Elliots Beach (Marina Beach)
  • Kanchipuram
  • Mahabalipuram
  • Pondhichery:
  • Fishermen's cavity
  • Dachshin Citra
  • Kabaleshwar Temple
  • Nanganlur Temple
  • Santhome Church:
  • Besar Nagar Beach
  • Tiruvanamala
  • Vedantangal
  • Vandalur Zoo
  • Folamandalam artist village
  • Mutukadu
  • Tiruthani Murugan Temple
  • Kishkinta Amusement Park
  • Snake Pan Museum
  • Gandhi Mandapam
  • Kalicamba Temple
  • Temple of Kapaleeswar
  • Mundakaniamman Temple
  • Santhome Church:
  • Mount St. Thomas
  • Dizzie World:
  • Mother Ashram, Pondicherry
  • Siruvapur Temple
  • Orchard Gardens
  • Alampara Fortress

How to Get To Chennai:

Air:Madras International Airport is located in Tirisulam, 7km south of the city of Zenaya. It has two terminals: the Kamaraj terminal, which operates domestic flights connecting more than 20 destinations in the country and the international terminal named Anna Terminal. The airport is very well connected.

Rail:The two main railway stations are Zena Central Station and Egmore Station. The Egmore Station provides networks of a number of meters and width gauges that connect southern India, with the central center of Zena linking north-west India.

The metro rail is very well connected for fast transit.

Bus:: The newly opened Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal at Jawaharlal Nehru Salai, Koyembedu is India's largest bus terminal and operates government bus services for Tamil Nadu and interstate services.

Shipment:Cruise planes and other passenger ships regularly operate at the port of Zena. The passenger plane connects Chennai with Port Blair in the Member States and Nicobar Islands.