101 things you should and should not bring with you to China

I know this is a long list, and I by no means encourage you to bring a lot of material. Different things are important for different individuals. Use this list as a reminder to keep things in mind. Always remember to always travel light, do as little as possible and save space to bring many goodies from China.

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Chinese visa.
  3. Other legal documents showing that you are allowed to enter and stay in the country.
  4. Copy of all your legal documents. So you can take them with you on a tour.
  5. Air route and timetable.
  6. Your drivers license.
  7. Travel travel insurance and its receipts.
  8. A copy of your medical history.
  9. Access to health and safety. This MUST be FREE. I recommend International SOS.
  10. Your destination in China (if available in English and Chinese).
  11. If you were to apply for a visa, bring that letter with you.
  12. Your hotel reservation.
  13. Important contact information. From time to time people in China do not use cell phones in their homeland because the premium is very expensive. So, if this is something you plan to do, enter the numbers you need from your cell phone so you can conveniently make a phone call from China using a phone card.
  14. Local Map. If you are traveling on your own and planning to take public transport or itinerary, it is very important.
  15. Pocket texture. You really don't need to bring it from the US, but make sure it's convenient when you're in China. Strangely enough, but in most public bathrooms (with the exception of high-end restaurants or hotels) they do not provide toilet paper.
  16. Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard are common in China.
  17. Ler Traveler Checks. Don't keep your receipts in the same place by tapping.
  18. Some cash in Chinese yuan and US dollars. Although most of the plazas and large restaurants now accept credit cards (however, not all accept international credit cards), deal areas, street food stops, taxis, ticket offices, etc. accept only Chinese cash. Also try to avoid airport currency exchange, they definitely have the smartest exchange rate. Go to your local bank and ask for your options.
  19. Deodorant with antiseptic. This is quite difficult to find in China, especially in small towns. The place I can think of as this is the Watson supermarket
  20. Shavers Back in 2005, when several of my foreign friends had come to China, we were looking for shavers everywhere and could not find anywhere. Maybe something had changed, but in any case, bring your own.
  21. Shaving cream.
  22. Shampoo and conditioner. I use Pantene, and although this brand is everywhere in China, I feel the quality is different. It's definitely more aquatic, and my hair feels drier after using the Chinese brand. So if your hair is charming, bring your own.
  23. Sunscreen You can actually find lots of sunscreen lotions in department stores and supermarkets. But the SPF factor and other functions are limited (SPF is not as high as here in the US). Sunscreen is contradictory as everyone tries to keep the skin white.
  24. On the face of insects. Brands in China are mainly oil-based and quite uncomfortable to apply. If you go in the summer, of course, depending on where you are, you will probably need mosquitoes.
  25. Medicine Although Chinese pharmacies offer western medicine, it is definitely a good idea to have your own. Be especially sure to bring your prescription medicines, antibiotics, diarrhea medications, birth control, painkillers and antibacterial cream.
  26. Dental floss. I know they are available in China, and people use them. But don't expect them to be guaranteed next to the toothpaste department at any grocery store.
  27. Mouthwash. Same as above.
  28. Tampons. You can find them in some supermarkets, but quite limited. So bring your favorite brand. Pads are easily accessible anywhere in China.
  29. Your own clothes, lingerie and socks. In China, you will find high-quality clothing products, if you are tall or wearing oversized clothing in the US, then the sizes in China are likely to be very small. Unless you are a tourist-friendly trade square, like the Beijing Silk Market. Women with larger breasts make sure you bring your own bra.
  30. Big suitcases. In my experience, people who visit China usually end up buying another suitcase because they were buying a lot of things during their visit. Everything is cheaper and unique, so make sure you find the best luggage you can and pack light on the way to China, leaving plenty of empty space to bring your belongings back. It should be noted that if you are flying inland within China, be careful with the weight of your luggage. As always in the US, international flights allow for a much heavier weight in the trunk. Domestic flights usually allow for the weight of one luggage to be checked up to 20 kg.
  31. Backpack. This is especially useful if you are traveling everywhere. For girls, just bring your own purse.
  32. Shoes: Get some comfortable and reliable shoes so you can walk, walk and run in them. Also bring a pair of sandals for the summer. Also, if you consider your feet big, you probably won't find the size of your shoe in China.
  33. Electric converter. The voltage in China is 220. Computers, cell phones, and cameras do not need a converter because they are universal. Check the back of your electronics to find out who needs the converter.
  34. Your home country cell phone. If you are from the US and your wireless carriers are AT&T or T-mobile, bring your phone and cellphone charger with you. Before doing so, call your phone company asking them if you can unlock the phone. I did it once with T-mobile, it was easy and fast (you may need to finish your contract first). When you arrive in China, you will need to buy a Chinese SIM card (about 100 pounds in prepaid minutes) to replace your original SIM card. If this is not an option for you, you can also find China's old modeled Nokia mobile phone for around US $ 10.
  35. Your notebook. Although there are many Internet cafes in major cities in China, the cost of getting online is very cheap. If you want to use Skype or get comfortable in your hotel online, bring your own.
  36. Ethernet cable.
  37. International travel socket adapter. There are cases where the items in your hotel room do not fit into a socket for your computer. Getting it is very affordable, in the future you will need it when traveling to other countries.
  38. Contact information for your embassy in China.
  39. Your booth. Download the charger, most of the camera chargers can be used all over the world without electric switches.
  40. USB connector for your camera.
  41. Extra memory cards. Just in case you take too many pictures and don't have enough space to store.
  42. Camera.
  43. A slightly handy Chinese dictionary.
  44. Book of Chinese expressions. Just in case you are lost and need to find a bathroom;)
  45. Allergy accessories. In a foreign country you never know what you will be allergic to.
  46. Canopy.
  47. Alarm clock.
  48. Skincare. There are all major brands in China such as Clinique, Lancome, Olay and Estee Lauder. But if you buy them from a Chinese department store, they are much more expensive than those you bought in the US. I think it's the tax that raised the price so much.
  49. Pencil and notebook.
  50. If you are traveling with a child, make sure you bring all the baby items. Such as napkins, napkins, baby food and medicines.
  51. Multi-minded.
  52. Toothpaste. According to the FDA, some Chinese toothpaste can be hazardous to your health.
  53. Calculator: Foreign exchange and transaction can be helpful when shopping.
  54. Super glue. If something stands out during your trip.
  55. Coffee. Most of the coffee found in supermarkets is instant coffee in China. So if you drink a lot of coffee and don't want to spend too much money on Starbucks. Then bring your own coffee maker and very ground coffee.
  56. English magazines, novels and books. Great Chinese bookstores have English books, but the choices are very limited.
  57. Hair coloring. If you are DIY, you will only find dark colors in supermarkets. Although in the salons you can get all types of hair.
  58. Moisturizer.
  59. Hand cleaning.
  60. U-shaped cushion for long walks on board.
  61. MP3 player and charger.
  62. Business Cards.
  63. The keys to your home. This is so shameful, but once I left my keys in China and after arriving in the US, I couldn't return to my apartment for some time.
  64. Plastic Zip-Loc Bags. For the safety of the airport, small lotions need to be installed there.
  65. Sunglasses:
  66. Jet Lag Tool: Jetlag can be irritating, sometimes taking up to a week to fully adjust and feel normal again. If you are traveling for a week, I recommend you consider this option.
  67. Back up batteries for your electronics.
  68. Disposable grocery bag or plastic bags. In big cities, you now have to pay for plastic bags in supermarkets and grocery stores.
  69. Some gifts, if you have friends or a host family, visit.
  70. Smile 🙂
  71. Hats
  72. Earrings. When you are on the plane for a long time and hope to get some sleep. This really helps.
  73. Contact lenses and resolution.
  74. English movies and DVDs.
  75. Tic Tacs: I love them and haven't been able to find them in Beijing.
  76. Favorite snacks from your home country.
  77. Appetizer for delicious Chinese food.
  78. Cereals. China has very limited choices.

Things You Shouldn't Bring

  1. Chen. Unless your hairdryer can be converted to a different voltage. Most hotels have hairdryers in the room.
  2. Iron / Steamer. Again most of the hotel has them. If you need your own, it's cheap to buy in China.
  3. Weapon. That is absolutely NOT!
  4. Bicycles It may sound funny, but some foreigners have actually tried to check their bicycles at the airport. In China you can definitely find a pretty good quality mountain bike for around $ 20.
  5. Illegal illicit drugs. This is very serious if you are caught moving or selling goods in China, you will be in big trouble, and your homeland may not be able to help.
  6. Thing is something that could be politically sensitive for China.
  7. Live animals. If you are thinking of traveling to China with your pet, do not. I have a dog and have done a lot of research to see if I can ever bring him back to Beijing, but it is very difficult. First of all, there is really no document that clearly states the rules. I even called Beijing airport, they all had different answers. I know you will have to leave your pet at the airport for a few weeks for them to check. You will have to pay a lot of money and your pet will suffer for a long time. Worst of all, if there is anything that doesn't seem right, they have every right to send or kill your animal right away.
  8. Plants and soil.
  9. Insects.
  10. Food
  11. Lots of cash in excess of the legal limit.
  12. Pure, dry clean clothes. It's hard to find a dry clean shop in China,
  13. Sheathing Sheets.
  14. Towels. If you are the type of person who brings your towel to wherever you go, then of course bring it.
  15. Toilet paper.
  16. Mail Envelopes.
  17. Social Security Card.
  18. Clothes that write bad things about China in Chinese (or in other languages).
  19. Military clothing. May cause unnecessary misunderstandings.
  20. Tea bags.
  21. Valuable jewelry.
  22. Soy sauce.
  23. Pouches without zippers or closed top. There are thieves in China just like anywhere in the world. You have to be extremely careful, as it can be crowded in China, especially if you are traveling to many places of interest with tourists. Always carry your purse with the zipper and forwards to see.