Tomb Cem Memedac – Basking in the Malaysian Sun.

You are a lover of the sun. You like to disguise yourself, stroll on an empty beach, and warm up in the morning sun. Then grab the bags and head to Malaysia's Quanta, where you can enjoy walking on unhealthy sand and playing tropical sea waves.

Cemetery Cem Memedac is located about 10 km from central Kuantan. It is one of the earliest beaches on the east coast of the Malaysian Peninsula. The East Coast beaches are different, better than those on the west coast of Malaysia. The sand is cleaner, more refined, without the mess of mud and silt surrounding it. The real reasons are unknown, as there are no official studies conducted. However, I believe that the strong waves of the monsoon season make a difference. The monsoon months are November-February. The strong winds bring heavy rain, and the season is not suitable for visiting the east coast.

Things to do. I always love to see the sun rise in the horizon. It is so beautiful, and you can see the world opening itself before your eyes, little by little, as the dark forms of the night were shining. To use it, drive a short morning in the morning and wait for the sun to rise. Depending on the day of the year, it's six o'clock in the morning. You will witness the beauty of nature, the multicolored colored pieces painted on the sky. You can then set aside time to enjoy your breakfast at a local or international beach hotel.

In the evening, around 4pm, there will be more people and locals will come with their families after work. You can enjoy hiking from the rocks on the left, the granite on the sandy beach to the right. If you would like to swim, watch the sign, sometimes swimming is not permitted, probably because of the channel and its currents or, perhaps, the absence of a guard.

How to get there? From Kuala Lumpur you can reach Quanta in three ways.

1. You can rent and drive. The disc is nice, except for the initial part, trying to get off the jar in Kuala Lumpur. Make sure you get the car from an established company and not from locals.

2. Take the bus from Jalan Pahang, or sometimes it is called Jalan Pekeliling. That is, the station is at the junction of two roads. It is quite cheap, around RM15, and the bus is good and air conditioned.

3. Fly from KLIA using MAS or AirAsia. You can check out community air carrier Firefly as it operates from the nearby Subang airport. Firefly launches turbocharged aircraft. Not many people like to fly to Quanta because the total time taken is the same as driving. The flight takes about 40 minutes, but waiting and cleaning will increase the total time.

There are quite a few other beaches from Quanta easily. Nearby is Batu Hitam, about 30 minutes away. Cherating and Club Med are a little further away.