10 things to do in Peru besides Machu Picchu

Although Machu Picchu is one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in the world, it is not the only attraction in Peru that is worth seeing. To maximize your vacation, diversity, and cultural richness, try some of the ten other alternatives to Machu Picchu if you have the time and energy.

1] Arevipa and Kolkata gorge

Arevipa is known as the "White City" because of the white volcanic silary stone used to build its churches, monasteries and beautiful homes. The amazing semi-desert city surrounds its city center, just a few hours away from the Kolkata Valley and Kolkata Gorge, truly the world's deepest 9,842 feet. The area is known for its natural beauty, outdoor adventure and conductor flights, which are the world's largest land birds.

2] Ciclio – Calling all archaeologists

In the colonial era, Ciclio was a simple village, sitting quietly on the road between Lambayke and Jana. The latest archaeological discoveries of the Túcume pyramids, from the tomb of Huaca Rajada and the tomb of Batán Grande in Sicily are now in the National Museum of Sicily, making them accessible to all to see and marvel at. These discoveries made Ciclio Peru's second destination after Cusco, for archaeological and historical interest.

3] The Sacred Valley – Spiritual travel experiences

The main area of ​​the Inker Scared Valley lies between the towns of Pisak and Olantayambu and visitors to the well-preserved Inca ruins that once were the heart of the Inca Empire. As the beloved Urubamba River flows into the valley, you are rewarded with stunning sightseeing in Andes, charming cities and villages. Seekers of adventure can go for white water gear, mountain biking or stroll around one of the ancient Inca trails in the area.

4] Huaraz and Cordilleras

Cordillera are known as the White Ridge and sometimes also the "South American Switzerland" with their snow-capped peaks, turquoise blue lagoons and impressive Andean landscapes. Huaraz, the nearest city, is one of Peru's oldest civilizations and resides in the magnificent Huascarán National Park. The area is known to travelers for a wide range of adventure sports.

5] The Amazon River

For nature lovers and wildlife, the virgin nature of the Amazon forests and jungle offers a great deal of flora and fauna. The area is well protected by several rich species of birds and mammals on the planet, as well as large numbers of amphibians, insects and reptiles. Depending on your budget, visit the jungles or Tambopas, Manu or Iquitos.

6] The capital of Lima Per Peru

As a gateway to the country, Lima is a thrilling city. The historic center is filled with colonial buildings and is located on one of the finest museums in South America, Larco Herrera. Lima also offers a great variety of cultural shows, game houses and a culinary tradition of watering the mouth.

7] Thin lines

The thin strings consist of gorgeous figures and strings that are the work of ancient Peruvian civilization and are situated in the high plains of an unhealthy desert. You have to see them from the air to enjoy their wonderful geometries in the short flight of a light aircraft.

8] Lounge

Paracas is a place in Peru for nature lovers and bird watchers. There are many stories in the city to attract visitors, in addition to windsurfing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. The nearby Balearic Islands should not be missed and are known as the "Galapagos Islands" poor people because the trip is very cheap.

9] Trujillo

For those interested in archaeological and historical tours, Trujillo offers pre-Inca sites such as the Huaca de la Luna, Huaca del Sol and ancient mud built by Chan Chan that allow you to explore the ruins first and foremost. – Colombian civilizations that once flourished; Jumping over time, visitors can admire downtown homes reminiscent of the lucrative colonial era. Although Trujillo is Peru's third largest city, located in the northwest of the country, it still manages to retain its small-town colonial charm.

10] Lake Puno and Titicaca

Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world, containing the islands of Uros, Tacilus and Amantine. As the popular capital of Peru, Puno offers an alternative to Peru's archeology, live culture and nature and biodiversity tourism. Peru shares the lake with Bolivia, and many people associate the visit to the two countries while in the area.

When considering the upcoming vacation options in Peru, resist the temptation to simply follow the crowds to Machu Picchu. Consider one of the suggestions above for a more unique experience.