These simple 5 steps will give you higher profits

This simple 5-step strategy helps you to simplify your trade and make consistent profit at the same time. Trading strategies do not have to be complicated to be extremely successful. In fact, simple trading strategies have proven over time to be more successful than very complex strategies. The reason for this paradox is that a simple strategy is easier to follow and easier to implement.

The 5 step strategy follows:

1. Check the trend using your daily graph. The graph should tell you whether the market has an upward or downward trend.

2. Once you know what the trend is, check for basic news items that can affect your trade. Do not go to any of the following steps if there are important news items within 2 hours of your transaction. You can receive the current economic news via a news feed of your choice.

3. If there is no news within 2 hours of your transaction, execute your trading plan. If the main trend has risen, look for "buy" signals from your technical indicators and vice versa if the main trend falls.

4. This is the most important step and your decision to enter into a transaction is here. A common strategy is to use the intersection of 4 EMA (Exponential Moving Average) and 23 EMA on the 30-minute graph to decide whether you want to buy or sell. You must use other indicators, such as the weekly pivot, Stochastic and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) to confirm your transaction. These indicators must also follow the trend and not look flat. You can further improve trading to your advantage by trading only during high liquidity sessions and confirming the trend by using a 4-hour chart. If everything looks good, you're done!

5. The final step to manage your money by setting up the transaction with a tight stop loss of around 35 pips while using one of the 2 methods to make a profit. The first method is to use a healthy risk / reward ratio of at least 1: 2 and the second method is to use your daily support and resistance.

As you can see, a good trading strategy does not have to be complicated to be successful. By simplifying your trading strategy, your chances of successful transactions increase considerably. This five-step strategy should help you to achieve consistent profit with your trade.

Explore exciting highlights with cheap flight tickets to Dublin

Have you ever considered a vacation in one of the most explored tourist destinations on Earth that far and wide catches the pleasure of strollers? You will say that there are many destinations in the world that no skilful traveler will ever close his eyes to and Dublin is one of them. What about the crazy attraction of this city that every tourist falls in love with when they land? This wonderful city should be at the forefront of every traveler exploring places and there are countless reasons why this is the case.

Is Dublin Really Worth a Visit?

The answer to the above question would have been in the conscious minds of those vacationers who already had their share of exploring the crazy faces of this amazing city. Reclining in the Irish capital, Dublin is the biggest city that will not disappoint you, as there is something for everyone. Speaking of times past, this amazing city has been creating historic waves for over a thousand years, so lovers of history are really going to enjoy the magnificent ancient fairy tales that have survived.

In this fascinating city of Ireland, if you happen to meet a native of Dublin, he would be in a better position to tell you why this city is always giving him surprises and amusement. one way or another. This city is so huge that you wouldn't know where to start your tour, and it would be no mistake to say that this Dublin has almost everything on its wings and feels great pride in boasting its fascinating places can't close your eyes no matter how much you try.

What are the tourist attractions in Dublin that capture the distance and breadth of each tourist?

If we are talking about places of interest in this city, there is no shortage of important events, and they are simply unnoticed in every way you can think of. They are listed below.

  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Dublin Zoo
  • Book by Book
  • Farmleigh House
  • National Botanical Gardens
  • National Gallery of Ireland

Don't forget to visit the Church of Christ Church, which is the oldest temple in this great city of Ireland. You wouldn't stop to admire the Gothic architecture of this building. If you really wanted to keep your eyes on Dublin Castle, you would never be able to get enough of this castle – so magnificent and huge. The nightlife in Dublin is just fantastic. You can find some bars and nightclubs around South William Street, George Lodge and Camden Streets.

Do you fall in love with ordering cheap flight tickets to Dublin?

Many trave travelers book cheap flights to Dublin, operating at some of the UK's major airports, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester and London. You'll really enjoy your flight on British Airways departing London Heathrow LHR and touching down at Dublin Airport DAB: . Some reputable airlines fly to this attractive Irish capital, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa and other popular airlines.

Daily Forex and the daily news

Assuming that a trader is highly experienced and competent, he will only trade the Daily Forex market. He may only use automated assistance when he is resting, but for the most part his trade can be done well & quot; fly past the seat of his pants & quot;

All those independent traders will have different strategies. Some will trade using only graphs, others can simply trade based on the price and others will trade using the Daily News as the indicators that determine their game.

An extreme example of how Daily News can affect the Daily Forex market is what happened on 9/11. On that fateful morning, as most Americans watched as the horrors were received in bewildered silence and disbelief, the dollar began to fall in value. Currency traders in distant places noticed the fall and saw the news. While they too looked horrified, many of them automatically exchanged the dollar for other currencies and earned huge sums of money. They immediately bought the British Pound or the Japanese Yen. The dollar fell to a low point and within a few days when the dollar began to recover, those traders bought back much larger amounts of dollars than they had sold. In round figures, a trader who had sold half a million dollars in the beginning probably ended one million by the time he bought back dollars.

Similarly, bad economic news can affect a currency that forces it against the others, and during that time, fortunes can be earned (and lost).

This is also the scenario when there is bad political news or news about a disaster. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or serious flooding can also cause currencies to fluctuate.
Nowadays hardly a day goes by without news that the currency boats can rock.

For beginners in the Forex sector, it is not stupid enough to start daily forex trading based solely on the news stories. Here's my advice for what it's worth – buy an automated system like the one I use, learn the tricks of the support team, trade in paper or demo trading for a few weeks and finally start trading small. Do not use leverage until you are highly competent.

News Benefit Review

Henry Liu is not savant by the regular definition books of Forex trading, he has never exchanged for a bank, or even for a trader, but he has cleverly breaded his Forex trading ideas in a way that helps many retail Forex traders the best from their company. His news winning system is based on fundamental news items. He tries and sees the entire Forex trade through different eyes. According to him, there is always a technical perspective for a trader. It allows him to evaluate different lines of market trends and candlestick charts. There are also Fibonacci retracements to consider. However, the technical perspectives do not prepare a trader for some market uncertainties. There is also the mental angle, one that allows a trader to use the associated bait, resulting in excessive greed and fear.

Henry Liu believes that the entire trading market with all his experience is missing out on a very expensive dictum. People think a hundred thousand times, but trade experts deliberately miss it. It is basic news trade. Henry Liu tries in his newsletter to provide such fundamentally tradable news and his neutral views on their impact. According to him, the market impact of such news is unexpectedly large and yet the dividend statements in the boardroom and important mergers are missed in the trader's book. So in his news reviewer, Liu gives all neutral assessments of marketable news that have a major impact on the market and adds details of the trade, including the time of press release, related figures and the course of action after the new one is out; whether it's time to sell or buy.

In his e-book he prescribes great ways to always stay on the better side of the system and generate no less than 25-30 pips per transaction. The news profit system is intended to effectively eliminate the inconsistency gradient associated with trading. People especially love it when Henry Liu focuses on a number smaller or larger than the number of pips. It is then that his erudition comes to the fore in the field. He can trade London, he can trade Nikkei and in any possible time frame. The great thing is that he also lets us act through his news reviewer and can benefit from it. 25-30 pips per transaction are not a mean thing and it is all possible by paying attention to fundamental news items.

Henry Liu suggests that there are two types of traders; those who learn all technical jargon of the topics and understand how they are implemented. Such people love forums and online trading spaces, but there are never enough shekels in their live accounts. Others who only understand the theory of rally and correction, support and resistance, but learn the effect of fundamental news on the world Forex trading and ultimately become the ultimate winners. News Benefit helps you gain the best knowledge of market cycles, precise times for entering and leaving the markets and much more. Believe in the power of news releases and you will draw sickles that you never thought possible.

Rocky Road of Cryptocurrency: China & # 39; s ICO Ban

What comes in the aftermath of China's ICO ban on the world of cryptocurrencies?

The biggest event in the world of cryptocurrency was recently the Chinese authorities' statement to close the stock exchanges on which cryptocurrencies are traded. As a result, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in China, BTCChina said it would cease trading at the end of September. This news catalyzed a sharp sale, leaving bitcoin (and other currencies such as Etherium) about 30% below the record highs achieved earlier this month.

So the cryptocurrency roller coaster continues. With bitcoin rises that exceed quadrupled values ​​from December 2016 to September 2017, some analysts predict that it can recover cryptocurrencies from recent falls. Josh Mahoney, a market analyst at IG, notes that the & # 39; past experiences of cryptocurrencies tell us that (they) are likely to override these newest challenges & # 39 ;.

However, these feelings do not come without opposition. Mr. Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, noted that bitcoin & # 39; is not going to work & # 39; and that it is & # 39; a fraud … worse than tulip bulbs (in reference to the Dutch & # 39; tulip mania & # 39; from the 17th century, recognized as & # 39; the world's first speculative bubble) … it will blow up. "He even says he would fire employees who were stupid enough to trade in bitcoin.

Speculation aside, what is actually going on? Since China's ICO ban, other leading economies are reviewing how to regulate the cryptocurrency world in their regions. Instead of banning ICO & # 39; s, other countries are still recognizing the technological benefits of crypto technology and trying to control the market without completely hindering the growth of the & # 39; s currency. The major problem for these economies is to figure out how to do this, because the alternative nature of cryptocurrencies does not allow them to be classified under the policy of traditional investment assets.

Some of these countries are Japan, Singapore and the US. These economies are trying to set accounting standards for cryptocurrencies, especially to tackle money laundering and fraud, which have become more elusive due to crypto technology. Yet most regulators acknowledge that it does not seem to be a real advantage to completely ban cryptocurrencies because of the economic flows they bring. Also probably because it is practically impossible to close the crypto world as long as the internet exists. Regulators can only focus on areas where they could potentially exercise some control, which appears to be where cryptocurrencies meet fiat currencies (i.e., cryptocurrency exchanges).

Although cryptocurrencies seem to get more attention over time, some countries such as Hong Kong benefit from such events. Since the Chinese ICO ban, many founders of cryptocurrency projects have been brought from the mainland to the city. Aurelian Menant, CEO of Gatecoin, said the company "received a large number of questions from founders of mainland blockchain projects" and that the number of Chinese customers registering on the platform has increased noticeably.

Looking a little further, companies like Nvidia have expressed a positive opinion of the event. They claim that this ICO ban will only boost their GPU sales, because the ban is likely to increase the demand for cryptocurrency-related GPUs. With the ban, the only way to obtain cryptocurrencies mined with GPUs is to extract them with computing power. As such, individuals wishing to obtain cryptocurrencies in China must now acquire more computing power, as opposed to direct purchases through stock exchanges. In essence, Nvidia & # 39; s sentiment is that this is not a downward spiral for cryptocurrencies; in fact other industries will also get a boost.

In the light of all the commotion and discussion about cryptocurrencies, the integration of technology into the global economies seems to be hastily materializing. Whether or not you believe in the future of technology, or think it is a "fraud … that will blow up," the cryptocurrency roller coaster is worthy of attention.

What are all the things you need to keep in mind while trading in bitcoins?

Today, people in the world trade in everything that happens digitally and via the internet, including via the internet. When it comes to the internet, cryptocurrencies is one of the most famous topics of this millennium. With the help of blockchain, these currencies are created and traded and the number of users is easily increased. However, like any other trade, bitcoin trading also has ups and downs and their own rules that must be followed. Trading always carries a high risk, but if someone is smart enough and knows how to manage the risks properly, they can easily succeed.

Some things to keep in mind while trading in bitcoins are listed below:

Make a plan

There must be a clear plan about when to start and when to stop. Acting straight on without having a plan can be disastrous for profit and loss. It is imminent that a target level is determined, when profits must be collected and when must be stopped in order to minimize losses. People must be kept informed of all advantages and disadvantages and of all trade trends that occur in the market. Daily trading is not recommended because certain large traders are always there waiting to mistake the innocent traders.

Risk management

People need to use risk management tools and understand how they can perfectly spread risk through a trading portfolio. This will allow gradual and substantial gains over a certain period. They must also bear in mind that trading with a risky market with a head start can lead to greater losses. Instead, making smaller profits in a low to medium risk market can make them good bitcoin traders.

Don't buy all the trade news

Many people read news before trading about market trends and where and when they trade. Usually these pieces can be one-sided and have a biased opinion. This can lead to poor decisions and complicated knowledge about the bitcoin trading scenario. Instead, people should read about financial markets and how they can minimize the risk pieces that can help you act smarter in the long run.

Identify scams

Just like any other financial sector, bitcoins and other cryptocurrency markets are also filled with scams, where many groups are looking for bitcoins and naive traders. No one is allowed to jump into any situation, even if he is enticed with a larger win scene. Think before you act, because the bitcoins are not insured and if they are lost due to scams, the situation cannot be corrected in any way. Always pay attention to new investments or a large number of investments that can all be a signal of scams.

What are the tourist attractions in Abidjan?

Abidjan is often referred to as "West African Paris". There you can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. It is a vibrating city. Tourists who make Abidjan flights visit the heart of the country there. Although it has many attractive places, but few attractions;

Trichville. It is the best place to enjoy some gatherings. It is a complex including bars, clubs, restaurants and cafés. Many visitors, especially Europeans, fall in love with this magnificent place. They often make non-stop flights from the UK to Abidjan to visit this attractive place. These flights are reserved for any reliable travel. This place is known as the night life hub. You can also find some of the best hotel deals out there.

National Museum. This museum is one of the most famous museums in the world. The museum is open to visitors all week, except for holidays. His building is so attractive that anyone flying to Abidjan can recognize it from afar. The Embassy is currently working with museum professionals to display traditional Ivorian musical instruments, some of which are two hundred years old. This will enhance the beauty as well as the importance of the museum. The exhibits that you can see after making Abidjan flights, which are currently available at the museum, include: a collection of historical artifacts, statues and, of course, ivory. The best way to remember when visiting this museum is to take a camera with you and take pictures there.

The Pleatue. This is the Abidjan region with a large number of shops and parks. This is a place where businessmen are particularly favored. It is located next to St. John's Church and Government St. near Church buildings. Abidjan flights from Great Britain to Great Britain Cot d. Visitors to & Ivoire flights love to gather in the city. Most interesting is its magnificent mountains, with crystal steam that cascades into tropical paradise.

Interesting places can only be enjoyed if your tour is safer and you have to take great care to make your tour more secure. First, carefully choose places that are free from any danger. Then always treat yourself and your companions well throughout your journey. The first thing is to book your flights carefully. Book it with some reputable travel company, such as Abidjan flights from the UK can be booked

How to trade cryptocurrencies – the basic principles of investing in digital currencies

Whether it is the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies themselves or diversification of their portfolio, people from all walks of life invest in digital currencies. If you are new to the concept and are wondering what is going on, here are some basic concepts and considerations for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrencies are available and how do I buy them?

With a market capitalization of around $ 278 billion, Bitcoin is the most established cryptocurrency. Ethereum is in second place with a market capitalization of more than $ 74 billion. In addition to these two currencies, there are also a number of other options, including Ripple ($ 28B), Litecoin ($ 17B) and MIOTA ($ 13B).

Being the first on the market, there are many exchanges for Bitcoin trading around the world. BitStamp and Coinbase are two well-known American stock exchanges. is an established European stock exchange. If you are interested in trading other digital currencies together with Bitcoin, you will find all digital currencies in one place on a cryptomarket. Here is a list of stock exchanges according to their 24-hour trading volume.

What options do I have to save my money?

Another important consideration is the storage of the coins. An option is of course to save it on the stock exchange where you buy them. However, you must be careful when selecting the exchange. The popularity of digital currencies has led to many new, unknown stock markets popping up everywhere. Take the time to do your due diligence so that you can avoid the scammers.

Another option that you have with cryptocurrencies is that you can save them yourself. Hardware portfolios are one of the safest options for saving your investment. Companies such as Ledger let you save Bitcoins and various other digital currencies.

What does the market look like and how can I learn more about this?

The cryptocurrency market fluctuates a lot. The volatile nature of the market makes it more suitable for a long-term game.

There are many established news sites that report on digital currencies, including Coindesk, Business Insider, Coin Telegraph and Cryptocoin News. In addition to these sites, there are also many Twitter accounts that tweet about digital currencies, including @ BitcoinRT & # 39; s and @AltCoinCalendar.

Digital currencies are intended to disrupt the traditional currency and commodities market. Although these currencies still have a long way to go, the success of Bitcoins and Ethereum has shown that there is genuine interest in the concept. If you understand the basics of cryptocurrency investments, you can start the right way.

What you need to know about an online forex trading broker system

While the primary function of an online forex broker system is to provide a trading platform from which the trader can get real-time accurate quotes and perform fast, reliable transactions, some offer a host of other services to attract potential customers.

For example, some of these places even offer Forex trading training for people who are not yet familiar with currency speculation. Others even offer automated trading services for people who want to invest in forex, but who do not have the tendency, time or desire to manage their own forex account.

Even if you are not looking for an online forex trading broker system with all the trimmings, most of them offer charts and the latest news that affects the currency markets, in addition to free "demo" accounts that allow un-spiced forex traders to trade in real-time with fake money, so they can get an idea of ​​how things work.

Forex trading training is even more important than for other types of speculation and investing such as stocks and options, because forex a more advanced & # 39; game & # 39; is.

This is because many things can affect the value of currencies, and therefore you should find an online forex trading broker that provides education and analysis, and scrolling news that warns you of relevant news that is important to know if you are a currency trader. For example, interest rate decisions from the Federal Reserve should not be pursued by other means.

Even if you have undergone high-quality forex training, smart traders subscribe to newsletters written by professional currency traders who offer both fundamental and technical market analyzes. The best of these newsletters even warns you about setting up certain transactions and is full of ideas for making money.

Remember that if you have just started in currency, Forex training is of the utmost importance because the leverage in this game is so high; Fortunes can really be made or lost in days, hours and even minutes.

Make Money Fast in Forex Trading – How to Become a Forex Chartist and Make Greater Profit

If you want to earn money quickly in Forex trading, it is best to become a Forex chartist and use technical analysis. This method is quick and easy to learn and apply and if you do it correctly, you are quickly on your way to a triple digit income in 30 minutes a day! Let's see how we can do it correctly.

When you become a Forex chartist, you just have to learn high chart odds and you don't need to know anything about the news! Traders who think that studying the news helps are wrong – why? Because markets do not move on the news itself, they move on the perception of traders about what the news means and therefore markets always collapse when the news is bullish and gather when it is most bearish.

In our world of direct communication, the news appears immediately in price action and you can see this as a chartist, but you also see something more – you see how all traders see the news.

Markets are moved by human nature and because human nature is constant, it will appear in repetitive high opportunity patterns that you can trade for profit.

The good news about using graphs is that you only need a simple trading strategy, the fact is that simple systems work best because they are more robust than complex systems that contain too many elements to break. Of course, anyone can learn a simple strategy and recognize these formations – it is a fully learned skill and you don't need to know anything about what moves currency to be either a nerd or a trained educated person to do it.

If you are a chartist, you see the reality of price change as it is and you can act on it without involving your emotions. Most traders lose because they make their judgment obscured by the news and other opinions of brokers etc. And when emotions get involved in forex trading the losses of the trader.

Mapping takes just a few weeks to learn and then you can trade with confidence and discipline and make yourself a great second income in about 30 minutes a day – it's easy to learn and very profitable, so become a chartist and you can enjoy currency trading success.