Remote Controlled Plane Repair (Wing) Part I

Sooner or later you will build your airplane. Airplanes tend to crash with a predictable pattern and damage associated with specific areas of the aircraft. Airplanes are likely to dive or fall from the control that often falls to the propeller first in effect followed by a portion of the wings.

If you have a Styrofoam wing as usual in light weight models offered today, this wing is likely to break. Additionally, there will be potential damage to other areas of the plane. There is hope for repair of your aircraft that will give you a new life.

Fixes: A most traumatic visuals are your wings broken and your thoughts of resorting to scrapping the airplane. Before you scrape the plane, consider the following as an alternative that can restore your broken wing. The main section of an airfoil is called the pitch thickness. This area is the strongest part of the airfoil or wing. Most likely, the wing does not break even the straight line and is a jagged one. It's OK and you do not want to make it straight. When you make a repair, you will want to reconnect the two sections together and do not want to disturb the original rest.

First measure the thickness in the center of the pitch line that will be the largest thickness of the airfoil wing. Then measure at least three more sections. Go to your local hardware or supplier of large planks and take wooden dowel rods nearly 1/2 to 3/4 & # 39; s of the large number of measurements you have measured. Also drill holes are slightly larger than the dowel rods you choose.

The goal is to drill on both sides of the wing to allow you to insert the dowel. Note that you will have many sizes of dowel rods while the thickness becomes smaller. Cut the corresponding dowel rods at a length of about 1/2 "shorter than the length of drill bit times 2 as you are drilling on both sides of the wing. The dowels are mate.

After drilling the hole on both sides, place a small amount of glue at the end of both ends of the dowels. Put all the dowels on one side of the wings. Before putting the dowels on the other side of the wing, place a small amount of glue down the length of the broken wings so that the glue will bind the two pieces together. Set dowel rods on the other side of the wing and compress two pieces of airfoil. Hold the repair position until it is stable. Using rubber bands can also help you with this process.

We will review other injury controls in the following article.

Flying a Float Plane: Benefits and Downsides

Flight planes may not be as difficult as possible. In some flight training sessions at a flight school near you, you can live your dream faster than you realize.

What Type of License Is Canada Required?

Once you have a Private License in Pilot, all you need is an additional rating certificate that will be allowed to fly on a plane plane. To fly a seaplane, the pilot must complete a minimum of an additional 7 hours of float plane flight training, which includes at least 5 hours of training at your Flight Instructor and at least 5 take-offs and 5 landings as solo pilot of the plane. If you are flying a 2-crew aircraft, you will have 5 take-offs and landings as Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft.

What Type of License Does the United States Require?

If you want to get your Airplane – Single Engine Seaplane (ASES) rating, you will need about 6-10 hours of pilot training on your Flight Instructor about taxiing and sailing, docking, docking and being. You will also need to train take-offs and landings with different weather and water conditions including normal, obscene, coarse and diverse variations. Emergency operations are important and need to be studied. Finally, a successful completion of the flight analysis check on an FAA approved Defined Pilot Examiner. (DPE)

What are the Benefits to Fly Float Plane?

The first and the main advantages are: accessibility. There are many landing drawings for pilots to be used, but there are more water locations for seaplane aircraft! Think about it: Rough and wild almost any location can act as your landing spot. Purchase remote cottages and have access to your own private dock.

The other benefits of flying a plane plane are about the ease of almost always removing or coming directly into the air. Since you are not limited to a runway, you can use surface water benefits which means an easier landing and a quick removal.

What's Downside?

Well, water has lots of drag and friction … and being water, it means your airport is almost constantly moving. That adds some complications.

The other downside is the added cost of a float plane. When you think of costs and really put it on paper, remember that you can actually buy an airplane and a new Mercedes for the same cost of a seaplane. This means you can buy a brand new Mercedes and leave it at the airport and use it to drive your cottage as a cheaper option than buying a float plane.

What are the costs?

The opposite is the cost of placing the plane down that is considered in the past few years. The best advice is to sit down and see what's going on in the market. The current trend is seen to indicate that the longer you wait, the lower the price will be.

Make an action

The best thing you can do now is to make you just to get out there and take flight training on plane plane. A great flight instructor will give you some great opportunities to see what the world will look like if you're part of the float plane club. If you think Float Plane Pilot can be exciting, I assure you that it is … and probably more than you think! See a flight school in your area for more information.

Physics of an Inclined Plane

If a ball is combined with an inclined plane, the total strength is reserved. Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic energy while the ball drops. It would be interesting to see if the energy is conserved and so if MGH = 0.5 * M * V * V is the action on an inclined plane that is inclined to 60 degrees horizontally different from an inclination to 30 degrees horizontal. The length of the inclined plane for height H for two cases where the edge is inclined to 30 degrees and the horizontal 60 degrees wrt is H * Sin (30) and H * Sin (60).

For a free fall from height H, the travel time is given by the equation H = 0.5 g * t * t where t is the time taken for the ball to fall to the height H. So t = sqrt ( 2 * H / g). In the case of inclined plane if H is the height of the edge the edge is H / Sin (theta) where angta is the angle made by the inclined side with the horizontal. Substituting H / Sin (Theta) rather than H in the equation we get H / Sin (Theta) = 0.5 * g * t * t, so t = sqrt (2 * H / g * Sin (theta)).

For a height of 10 metric in the case of a free collapse takes sqrt (2 * 10 / 9.8) equals 1.43 seconds. In the case of an inclined plane inclinated to 30 degrees wrt horizontally, the time taken is sqrt (20 / g * 0.5) = sqrt (20 / 4.9) = 2.02 seconds. In case of inclined side inclined to 60 degrees horizontally the time taken is t = sqrt (2 * 10 / 9.8 * 0.866) = 2.37 seconds. It can easily be seen that the time taken increas as and when the length of the inclined side increases.

In case of free fall the acceleration of something falling experience is due to gravity or in other words g = 9.8 m / sec * sec. In the case of motion along the inclined plane the net acceleration can be determined by drawing force diagrams. The only force acting on the body during its slide in an inclined place is the natural force of gravity. So if the downward force is then then the components of the force along the plane are * theta (theta) and the components of the normal force of the objects are * cos (theta).

It is important when we use the distance of the inclined edge in the equation of motion during travel time we used an adjusted down acceleration due to gravity.

How To Find The Best Air Ambulance Company

People get sick and hurt every day around the country and around the world. Some of these people require a medical flight on a fixed-wing aircraft. Special airplanes are configured like flying hospitals or intensive care units "ICU" in the sky. They bring patients who are sick and injured anywhere in the world. These aircraft are called air ambulances.

What is an Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is a configured medical jet or fixed-wing aircraft piston. Jet jets carry medical equipment on board. They carry things like ventilators, stretchers with bases, multi-channel IV pumps, and more. They usually have a medical crew consisting of flight nurses, EMTs, or doctors. These trained professionals monitor and care for the patient during flight.

What kind of aircraft are used as ambulances?

Some Air Medical Transport companies use airplane pistons but most high-quality companies use jets. Jets like Learjet 31, 35 and 50 are some of the jets used. The jets are state-of-the-art, fast, safe, and efficient. Learjets can fly at altitudes of 45,000 feet and speed of 500 mph.

The Best Air Ambulance Company

Medical air transport companies should be experienced. They must have proper credentials and certificates for flight patients. They should use experiences, trained, expert, medical professionals and ownership and operate their own aircraft.

The only best air ambulance companies are CAMTS accredited. These companies are considered the best to eat what they are doing. These companies are ARG / US gold rated and also licensed. These are very important things to look for when doing your research for an air ambulance. Other things to consider are how long the air ambulance company is doing business and whether they are a broker or owner and run their own aircraft. Running your own airplanes is important because brokers use other airline companies. Companies that operate their own airplanes are safer because they know the history of airplanes to fly.

What Services Offer an Air Ambulance Company?

People who are looking to hire a medical air transport company need to ask the right questions. Ask what services are offered. Does the company require insurance aspects for you? Do they call your insurance company and act as your advocate? The medical flight team remains at bedside of the patient – known as bedside-to-bedside service?

The company is trustworthy and integrity? How long have they been doing business and have any complaints? Do they help the Better Business Bureau? What about safety? It is particularly important to ask questions. Have they ever had an accident?

International and Domestic Medicine

Can the company speak with you to hold the job? Can they fly internationally? Do they have the right kind of aircraft, such as jets? How much experience do they fly around the world?

Cost and Insurance

You need to know if the company is charging the flight correctly. Are they familiar with Medicare and other insurance? How do you know if they quote you a fair price? Make sure to ask how they can determine the value of the flight.

What Else to Consider When Choosing an Air Ambulance

Some other things to ask are:

  1. Is a medical director responsible for flights?
  2. Do they license the FAA?
  3. Are they licensed in their own state?
  4. Are they sure?
  5. Are there nurses and paramedics on every flight?
  6. The aircrafts they use have pressure?
  7. Are medical crews fully trained?
  8. Do they offer continuous care at bedside-bedside?

Ask also about pilot users. How are they trained by pilots? What kind of annual continuing education do they have?

Other Air Ambulances services provide.

Some air ambulance companies may provide organ gain. Sometimes people need an organ transplant and organs flow urgently. There may only be a small window of time. Air Ambulance companies using jets can fly in a fast organ. Companies like these have special vehicle capture organ, a fast-paced jet and a 24-hour call center. Asking all these questions and really looking at the company you choose can make a big difference in how your flight is flying and you have overall experience.

Biomechanics of Martial Arts

When explaining the biomechanics of the movement it is important to understand how the body works as a unit with many systems within the body working together to carry out the movement. It is called a kinetic chain and it has three main systems:

  1. Nervous System
  2. Muscle system
  3. Skeletal System

By inhibiting the nervous system, the kinetic chain is broken and requires more effort to perform a movement. One way of blocking the nervous system is closing your eyes. The sound is simple but makes the movement extremely challenging. I'll give you a quick example, raise your leg and implement a 3 count kick in front. Do not close your eyes and try again. What happened? You notice that the kick has become harder, right? You can use both of these applications and completely change your training methods. In addition, the word is designed in perfect pattern where you must end the form exactly where you started. Close your eyes around the word and see if you can finish in the same place. There are three movable planes that the body can move to:

  1. Frontal Plane
  2. Sagittal Plane
  3. Transverse Plane

Let's look at three basic technical kicks and how they fit the motion planets to increase the level of difficulty. The front kick is operated on sagittal plane – The most basic kick and easiest to execute. Most movements occur on sagittal plane, which makes the front kick the easiest to learn. The second kick is the round kick that is performed on the frontal plan. Because technical kicks occur on the left or right side of the body, it will occur on the frontal plane. Finally, the most difficult of the main kicks is the sidekick. There is a circular around the hip joint in the sidekick, which occurs on the transverse plane.

So how is a train in all the planes of motion? In Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do a student should work properly what we call 9 count counts. Nine kick counts include front sick, round kick, sidekick, and hook kick. All the basic kicks should be executed without putting the foot down. Front / Round / Side / Hook Sick.

When body exercises there are many training variables that can be manipulated in the progress or regress of a movement. Once a student reaches the black belt, it is important to understand that, yes, there is a more difficult curriculum from 1st to 2nd degree, but it is about perfecting the basics. How is a challenge in the body? Here are some other training variables that can be used:

  1. Motion Range
  2. Speed
  3. Frequency
  4. Duration
  5. Stability
  6. Motion Plans

This article focuses on increasing difficulty by understanding the stability of the principal. The easiest way to explain the principal of stability is to use what we call a support base. When you stand, both feet hold the ground giving you a broad base of support. Once a student rises on a leg from the ground they shorten their base making it more difficult to balance. So, by reducing your stability you can make a major movement more difficult. So how can one reduce the stability while standing on a leg? This is where the training equipment comes in the picture. We use a dyna-disk for example. Below is a picture of a disc disc. The disc-disc allows for movement in all the airplane movements in addition to being on an unstable surface. Try making a kick in front of the disc-disc. What will happen? The front of the kick now becomes very difficult.

Top 5 Fighter Plane Movies

There are two things we are all looking for in a great movie fighter plane: fighter plane, and no-stop action. Some films that claim to be fighter airplane movies contain many of the latter but surprisingly few of the former. I do not mention any names here, but * cough * Firefox * cough *. If you only get two hours of spare time, you get a shot at choosing the right movie. The following five films are the best in the best genres. They should be the first movies you've reached in a DVD rack.

# 5. On the Day

A fighter pilot in active duty abroad has to put in an annoying movie star following him anywhere – even in battle – as research for his new film role.

Released: 1992 by Trimark Pictures

Starring: Michael Pare, Anthony Michael Hall

Featured Planets: F-16 Fighting Falcons

How many people have heard of (or find a copy of) On the day, which is a shame, as it is one of the best-selling, funniest films in the genre. It's not a spoof, like Hot Shots, but it manages to spin stereotypes as it touches all the story points we need in an airplane.

# 4. Flyboys

A fighter of World War I who is aligned with the famous Lafayette squad in the struggle against France to disperse the Germans and protect the French woman she loves.

Released: 2006 of the 20th Century Fox

Starring: James Franco, Jean Reno

Featured Planets: Nieuport 17s

This is a must-see for anyone who thinks biplanes are boring. The greater danger the pilots face because of the weakness of their equipment makes sequences of dogfights Flyboys some of the most tedious and worrisome genres.

# 3. Britain's battle

In the summer of 1940, a small group of British pilots fought to keep Nazi Luftwaffe from bombing their country in submission and opening a road for land aggression.

Released: 1969 by MGM / United Artists

Starring: Michael Caine, Lawrence Olivier

Featured Planets: Spitfires, Hurricanes, Heinkel 111s, ME-109s, etc.

There is only one word for aerial skies Battle of Britain: amazing. With so many airplanes, it looks like a nest of angry horns, and the best part is all this is true. There is no CGI in 1969. The story is a bit confusing for people who do not know their history, but the huge dogfights are more than just developing it.

# 2. Top Guns

A rude young fighter pilot is getting his chance to climb up against the best Navy pilots when he was chosen for school fighter weapons nicknamed "Top Gun."

Released: 1986 of the Paramount Pictures

Starring: Tom Cruise, Val Kilmet

Featured Planets: F-14 Tomcats, A-4 Skyhawks, Mig-28s (really F-5 Tiger IIs)

Top Guns is the successful movie of the genre. It drives many popular quotes ("I have a need, a need for speed!") And brings a resurgence of interest in the genre of plane plane. It's super 80s, especially in the soundtrack, but almost a minute goes through where we are not treated with heartstopping aerial action. Always a solid pick.

# 1. Stealth

A fighter pilot is forced to go head to head with his own wingman: a futuristic, artificially intelligent fighter plane that is no longer rogue.

Released: 2005 by Columbia Pictures

Starring: Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel

Featured Planets: futuristic fighters

There is a prime element of science fiction in Stealth, which serves only to make everyone more wonderful. All the impossible feelings you ever daydreamed with pulling a fighter are here and the falling story even governs to be unpredictable. Stealth was underrated, and came highly recommended … by me.

Best Rift PvP Class in Planes of Telara

If you are looking for the best PvP Rift class, then look no further than the warring calling. If you want to play solo or in groups, this class should be your top pick for PvP play.

In particular, Riftblade and Void Knight make a strong combination that can beat any game class in 1v1 match-up. It literally has no weakness, even after a series of nerfs designed to make class defeat easier.

This class is very powerful because Void Knight is an anti-caster specialist and Riftblade is an anti-armored specialist. When you place two classes together, you have a class that is less harm than physical attacks and spell, can either be exhausted, and make large amounts of elemental damage.

This is the best class compared to Clerics and Mages because it has a variety of magic-damage shields and can drain the inheritance while eliminating large amounts of damage. No game class has the same level of mana drains as this ultimate Rift PvP calling has.

Additionally, the Riftblade class has great damage while using the plate and shield. This is a problem because it does not only do the anti-caster Warrior but also does the anti-melee. It also allows Warriors to equip large amounts of energy and mitigation gear.

Due to decent, long-term damage to the output of Riftblade (even after the recent nerfs), players will not only compete with this class on a one-on-one match up. Riftblade is easy to end a player before the player can make a dent in their huge pool of HP.

As a result, no class has the ability to beat the Warrior in one against 1-on-1. This is why the Warrior is the best PvP class on Rift.

Many players want to say that Bard is brutal and it's the best PvP class. The only reason someone can come to such a conclusion is if they have not played the game before level 19.

Sure, in the first tier of the Warfronts (level 10-19), the rhythm looks very, very good. It allows Rogues to eat decent damage while maintaining the entire group for 10% of their max healthy every 2-3 seconds.

However, it's fast-forward at level 40, and the pool of everyone is increased by 3 to 4 times, but rhythm damage is just double. Before you get a 10% healing from the rhythm and now you just get a 5% heal. By cutting the effectiveness of this ability, Bard's healing speed goes from very hard to the point.

Meeting Loved Ones in Astral Realms – Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions

The Astral projection is a wonderful ability to build because it allows you to meet anyone you want to meet, even if you've died loved ones. This is because, in astral realms, you are not limited in time and space. You just need to plan to meet your loved ones, dead or alive, and you will immediately find yourself in the transportation anywhere your loved one. Many people learn astral projections because they want to meet their dead loved one or friends on earth in their astral bodies. These people usually have some questions to ask about meeting astral airline friends.

However, before you meet your loved one, you should learn how in the astral project. Worried about what to do with your loved one or if you and your loved one remember the experience after you return to the body is meaningless if you have not learned the astral projection yet. And studying the astral project sometimes takes months or years or even lifetimes.

When you master the astral projection, you want to make sure your friends or loved ones remember your visit. In most cases, your friend is dreaming, and you will be able to meet his higher self. In this case, you are lucky because you get the chance to ask for anything higher than your friend's self and you hear nothing but the truth. The high self of a person does not know how to speak lies.

Most aspiring projectors wonder if they can see their friends or die loved by one. You will not be able to "see" your loved one for a simple reason. The earthly and astral planes vibrate at different frequencies. You will not be able to view an astral entity in the earthly plane. And even if you met your friend in the astral realm, you should keep in mind that you are not looking at your friend's physical body, but only his astral body. Of course, in rare cases, an astral entity can be viewed in the earthly plane.

Before worry about what will happen during or after the meeting, you and your friend should worry about developing the skills required for the successful astral project. If one of you succeeds, you can just visit your friend's house in your astral body and try to pull him from their physical body. Yes, helping a friend from his physical body in case he or she finds a projection difficult is really possible. And you'll have your astral experience together and see if you can remember the event.

Learning About the Astral Plane Is an Important Secret in Consciously Creating the Life You Desire

The knowledge of Astral Plane is very important for anyone who wants to create his or her desired truth. This term is usually taken on the meaning of some mysterious or attractive dimensions, encountered only in dreams, during the out-of-body experience (OBE's), after death or the fairy tale .

Most people do not know that this invisible dimension exists and that it has a great impact on how their life and reality are shaped. The lack of ignorance of the law has no reason – so you can also learn about these important airplanes, especially the nature of their matrix.

The casual sense of the Astral Plan contains elements of truth even though they are generated largely by speculation. However, you should seek an accurate description and picture in the mind of this hidden truth, especially since it will determine how effective you are to use the law of attraction in your life.

Think of Astral Plane as a dimension of dimension where matrices or prototypes (energy molds) of your external reality were first formed. The main difference between Astral and Physical Planes is one of the vibratory rates rather than locale because they actually exist, overlap and intimately interact with each other.

Variations in the description of Astral Plane have emerged, due to the part of different thought schools set artificial boundaries on these important dimensions. In many occult (hidden) traditions, Astral Plane is also referred to as the Emotional Plane, primarily because your feelings have a direct effect on the invisible level of truth.

In the effort for simplicity, some spiritual writers expand the term Astral Plane to include parts of the Mental Plane. Mental Plane is the relatively higher dimension where the attitudes affect and mold the Astral material (Light) in forms of thinking and other etheric models.

Furthermore, the Astral dimensions are generally divided into Lower and Higher Planets – an important difference in which you need to know. The knowledge of these levels has been passed on to us from ancient spiritual schools and confirmed and refined by the psychic and remote-watchers of our generation.

Lower Astral Plane is the first dimension to be encountered after physical death and the vibratory plane in which the lurking but earthy creatures (those with unshakeable Physical Plane attachments) exist until they are ready continue to the next stage of their spiritual journey. By applying the laws of revelation, you do not have to worry about yourself in this much more tragic truth.

Upper Astral Plane will be the main purpose of your study because it is the environment in which the energy patterns for different elements of your physical world are initiated and launched in the revelation. The Astral material (Light) is described by psychic as white whites in appearance, producing an endless energy field that is not mentioned until your thoughts and emotions are molding its substance in matrices and prototypes for your external reality.

Legitimate magicians and alchemists have long been watching a strong secret – that is by intentionally shaping the prototype of the Light body within the Astral Plane, it is possible to show the equivalent of this prototype in Physical Plane. Such Astral forms or matrices must first be shown in parallel and then reinforced with a focused intention – otherwise, they will only pass and return to the Astral field, undefined.

Be fully conscious of your every thought and emotion because, as you have just learned, their strength is enough to change the course of your life. For example, if a pre-existing Astral form of a similar vibrational frequency combines one of your own causes (unintentional) made by forms of thought, it reinforces each other and can collectively produce of unpredictable or unpleasant situations in your life.

Just by being a conscious, responsible co-creator of your credibility you can be assured of a consistent, reliable and enjoyable life. Indeed, knowledge is power.

The Astral Plane And Its Divisions

Astral Plane is truly true, as though it were more solid and vibrant than the physical world. It is a world without any need for money, work or any other ornament of physical existence.

Those who visited the Astral planes found themselves in an environment where all senses seemed very high. These senses are not our common physical senses, but the astral inner senses.

Attitudes can be viewed immediately and anything that is desired is immediately identified by the powers of imagination in the very process of creation. This is also why the Astral worlds are known as the "world of desire" and the body of Astral known as the "body of desire". The fact that Man creates his attitudes and feelings in the Astral world demonstrates the truth in the occult statement that Man is a "god of creation". This shows that we can be creative.

When you're out on the Astral plane, you'll see that it vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical plane. There is no gravity in the Astral plane. See time and space compared to Physical. As a result, the time may differ from physically.

Here, thinking has an important part, and only thinking of something in Astral can cause it. Because this is where all our hopes, desires, and dreams can be real truth, Astral plane is also known as emotional plane.

In the Astral plane there is no need for food, clothing, shelter and sleep. We have freedom. Our will maintains and heals us, and our will creates the truth in our image. The Astral plane consists of focused energy in mind. In the spirit world there are attitudes that create truth, and often make us familiar.

Divisions of The Astral Plane:

Astral Plane is divided into Lower, Middle, and Higher. Each division contains multiple divisions of different levels of vibration.

The Lower Astral Planes:

Described as darker more premier realms. Some describe them as the place of hell of Dante while others treat them as purgatory. They are where the souls are lost. Its inhabitants are many creatures including people who are not in the body, both consciously and subconsciously, people who feel tired, dead, and even people who never exist on the Physical Plane at all. Communication with all of the above is possible while being taught.

The Middle Astral Planes:
Are the kingdoms of divine inspiration without earthly desires and conflicts? The bees of these dimensions bring many artistic and technical achievements to Earth by sending quiet messages to its inhabitants. This is the place where many of us travel for guidance and healing. Realms are often a reflection of the world we live in today. They contain both plants, animals, and even our own structures.

The Middle Astral is an airplane full of rainbows of vivid colors and exquisite beauty. It is an impossible task to try and carry out this area. This plane is full of thoughts, dreams, and ideas, known as real things.
Everything including inanimate objects has the energy that comes from them in bright and bright colors. The time here is too much and it is possible to see future or past events.

People who have successfully purposed in the Middle Astral Planes reveal unseen colors and sounds, breathtaking landscapes and views, and even some things beyond our comprehension. This area is pure in its formation. The demands and conflicts associated with the physical world are left behind. It is a place of peace and bliss – one can go in comparison with it in the Garden of Eden.

The Higher Astral Planes:

The lands are called the Heaven of Christians, the Summerland of the spirit mediums. This area is beyond the reach of most people, as they are said to be the home of the Christian God, the Buddha, and other great people.

Higher astral planes are where we begin to reach self-indulgence, being fully aware and acknowledging that all life is symbolbiotic and connected to the "good" of all. We realize that every individual is an important link in the life chain and existence in the physical world affects all the other facts we can not see.

This knowledge often leads to people in pantheism, the belief that all life is sacred and must be protected from the smallest worm to the greatest killer. In other instances the traveler does not turn to pantryism but in either case will be the true consciousness of this fact at a continuously conscious level.

Middle and Higher Planes are where the true path of spiritual and physical healing lies. This is where our views of life grow and widen through the leaps and bounds that share us from many of the stigmas of society and its imposed morality.

When we begin to travel through the Astral realms, we generally enter the Lower airplanes where the physical world is still visible, even though our emerging senses are distributed. But as we move to Middle Airplanes we notice that the physical world is becoming less and less noticeable until we fully move away from higher planes