Trade ETF funds for gold, silver, oil and natural gas

Commodities and stocks have been set on fire in the last two weeks and I think it might be time to breathe things out. Although I will stay for a long time, it is safe to take some money off the table to make a profit. If we look at the graphs quickly, we can see that the chances indicate a kind of break or withdrawal in the coming days. I think we can see a profit every day now.

Gold ETF Trading – GLD

The Gold ETF is one of my favorite commercial vehicles. By using simple trend lines and looking at the recent price promotion, you can see that the gold price is ready for a pullback. Buying at this level is chasing and that generally means that you buy at the high and panic at the low.

Silver ETF Trading – SLV

The silver ETF appears to be in the same boat as gold. I expect to see some lateral price action or a pullback.

Natural gas ETF Trading – UNG

The Natural Gas ETF has certainly given everyone a wild ride in the last 6 months. The bear market is still present, which can be seen on the daily chart. So far this week the price has been broken down and traded at the support level of $ 11. This fund can generate a buy or sell signal with my trading model in the coming days, so I am waiting for a clear entry and exit point before I jump on the gas truck.

Crude oil ETF trade – USO

The crude oil ETF has broken out above its resistance trend line this week, but is still struggling to rise above the August high. The volume decreases while the price rises, which is a bearish indicator. USO seems ready for some kind of withdrawal because it digests this outbreak before it gets higher.

Mid-Week GLD, SLV, UNG, USO ETF trade report

What does the general public hear and think of the stock market?

From recent e-mails, local financial news shows, family, friends, etc. I only hear how strong the market is. Indexes reach new annual highs and corporate earnings are better than expected this quarter. Sounds like all we have to do is buy and life will be great!

Well, in my opinion, the market is the perfect tool to mislead and frustrate the general public. All my indicators tell me that we need more correction before we score much higher. The market (smart money) generally expects good and bad news a few weeks or even a month in advance. So the question is:

Are corporate profits already priced in the market? Does all this positive market coverage get the general public to buy here at this possible market top?

The answer is, only time will tell. Nobody knows for sure what the market will do, but movements in the short term can be predicted with relatively high accuracy. Don't get me wrong, I'm still bullish on the market, but with all this good news becoming public information, you have to wonder what the next step is. I am still on the market for a long time, but cut my positions to make a profit and still stay in the game.

5 Forex Trading Tips you should know in 2019

This article gives you some new Forex trading tips. You get 5 tips that can help you to be successful as a trader in 2019. If you are a new trader, this field can be a bit overwhelming for you. After all, not knowing the rules cannot help you succeed. The good news is that our tips are aimed at beginners. So if you are just starting out, view the instructions below.

1. Go with a wise broker

First make sure you work with the right broker. An easy way is to read reviews and take into account the recommendations of others. Also make sure that you go with a professional that matches your personality and is reliable. Keep in mind that there are many fake professionals. Ideally, you may want to choose a licensed broker.

2. Put together your own strategy

No matter how many Forex trading tips you have, if you don't have a solid strategy, you can't get anywhere. Making a strategy is even one of the most common mistakes that most beginners make.

What you have to do is determine your goals. Having a clear goal will help you during your journey.

3. Learn step by step

Like other fields, trade requires that you start step by step until you get the know-how from this company. What you have to do is stop in small quantities and see how it goes. Investing a huge amount in the beginning is a bad idea.

4. Control your emotions

Make sure you don't get carried away by your emotions. Sometimes it can be very difficult, especially after you have suffered a loss. However, if you keep your emotions under control, you can make the right choices.

Becoming emotional increases the risk of making the wrong decisions. We therefore recommend that you control your emotions.

5. Don't let stress take over

Just like emotions, stress can cause you difficulties. In other words, if you are under a lot of stress, you can ultimately make irrational decisions that can cost a lot of money. We therefore recommend that you identify what causes you stress. After the sources are identified, try to eliminate them.

If you are under stress, take a deep breath and pay attention to something else. After a while you learn the art of managing your stress. Listen to your mind and discover what can work best for you.

To make a long story short, you might not want to scare this trade. You don't want to give up, no matter what. You may want to take into account that forex trading success depends on how prepared and determined you are. So you have to learn to be disciplined if you want to achieve success. Hopefully these tips will help you get ready and get the best results.

What time frame should you choose to trade and which is the most profitable?

Most Forex traders have no idea of ​​how or why Forex prices move and make important mistakes in the way they trade. In this article we will look at three popular time frames and see which is the best time to trade in your trading strategy.

In Forex markets, all basic supply and demand news will be shown in the price campaign and thus also the opinions of all traders, so let's split the price campaign into 3 time frames.

Long term trends

The major trends in currencies that last from a few weeks to many months and reflect the economic and political health of the country's currencies. These large foundations are slowly changing from expansion to contraction and that is why these trends last so long.

Interim term trends

While large fundamentals prevail in the long term, in the shorter term traders can cause prices to rise or fall too far and these can be seen in intermediate trends, within the big trend that can be either with the main trend or opposite. . These trends usually last from a few days to about a week.

The short term trend

This is the promotion within a day and is really not a trend, it is just a random price promotion. Prices can go anywhere in a day and they do.

What is the best time frame to trade?

It is clear from the above that long-term trade trends can bring you the greatest amount of profit with the least amount of work. All you do is follow and hold on to the trend – but long-term trends only really suit a trader who is patient and disciplined.

Trading medium-term trends can be very profitable and requires less patience and discipline than acting on long-term trends. You can earn money in both time frames and the person you choose simply depends on your personality.

I have not mentioned day trading yet and it is the most popular period to trade in, but it does not offer you a real chance of success. There is a large industry that sells junk robots and others, so-called day-risk and low-risk scalping strategies, but they do not lose money and day traders.

If you want to win in Forex trading, don't make the mistake that the majority makes and trade in the short term – trade in the longer term and you have the chances by your side and can earn a great second income.

Do you have a great vacation in Zurich?

The beautiful and picturesque town of Zur Eichich is on the banks of Lake Zur Eichich and the Limmat River. It is Switzerland's largest city and boasts a beautiful hilly and wooded area. It is the country's financial hub, and many companies around the world have their offices here because of low taxes.

Flights to Zurich, landing at the International Airport in the city, just 15 minutes from the city center. You can reach the city center by bus or rail. The public transport system here is amazing and urban travel makes travel extremely easy and affordable. You can get to the city by using low-cost fare from the UK ready to offer cheap flight tickets. Alternatively, you can search for airline deals on British Airways or Aer Lingus and book your flight tickets at a discounted price.

Entering Cheap Zurich, with your cheap flights, you will be able to explore all the treasures that the city has to offer. One of the best places to start exploring the city's sights is the Alstad district. Situated in the Old Town, this neighborhood has gray streets that have beautiful and charming streets. In addition, this is where you will be able to visit Grossmünster. This church was built by order of Charlemagne and has two towers. This is one of the main churches of the city. Other churches you should visit are St. Peter & Fraunmünster Churches. The former church is popular because it has the largest sunset face in the entire continent, while the latter is a 13th-century church known for its fantastic architecture and stunning stained glass windows.

Families will enjoy visiting the zoo. Unlike other zoos, this one is like a garden. Zoos have an amazing range of wildlife, from seals, lions, camels, monkeys, penguins, elephants to tigers and bears. The zoo also houses the Rhine waterfall, which is Europe's largest waterfall. To enter in the fall you have to go through the amazing and beautiful lush landscape. When you arrive, you can take a boat to swim under the cascade, or you can explore the area on foot.

Those who come with cheap cheap Einich tickets will be able to visit the many museums that boast the city. One of the most popular is the Riberg Museum, which not only has renowned artists. it also has exhibits that are sorted by geographical region. This is one of the best museums in Europe to check out Asian art. If you are more inclined to history, culture and fine art, visit the Landesmuseum.

People who love to go shopping during their vacation can find happiness in shopping at Bahnhofstrasse. This is an exclusive shopping street where you can pick up high quality clothing, perfumes, luggage and bags. Well-known names include Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Cartier. This is a pedestrian street, and you'll enjoy turning around. It is also the street where many large banks have their offices.

Just passing through the city can be a unique experience, with 1,030 fountains and houses dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

4x and Forex signal services

Forex trading is a great way to make money quickly. Do you need to know everything about the market before you start making money? No, you're really not like that.

The Forex industry, however attractive the market is, is going in the wrong direction. Many Forex services, whether they are brokers, signal providers or just general Forex websites, do their marketing in a totally ineffective way and prevent themselves from making a profit, or at least make a smaller profit than they could have made .

Too many people have a negative impression of the Forex industry and associate it with dark markets, and not with the serious global markets with which to compare Forex. If someone is to blame for this, it is the Forex players themselves.

Before we talk about some steps that Forex companies should take, let's examine what the Forex companies are doing wrong. If you look at the average broker or service provider on the Forex market, you generally see one thing in common. They all promise immediate and large-scale results. This is of course false and misleads people, which ultimately causes a bad name for Forex as an industry.

Forex is not a magic solution and in general no one becomes the next Bill Gates to trade by Forex overnight. Yes, it is the largest market, yes, 3-4 trillion dollars are traded daily on the Forex market, but you will almost certainly not see any of that money without preparing before you jump into it. Learn the market, study the charts, understand the financial news and watch the experts and the Forex signal service. These are just some of the basic advice I would give a new trader.

Trade the GBP / USD with the signal machine

If you have ever traded or are considering trading the GBP / USD, consider The Signals Machine. The maker of The Signals Machine, Tal Herman, who instead of trying to chase every currency pair and blow up his account, decided to focus on one pair, the GBP / USD.

Why the GBP / USD?

Three important reasons why he chose this pair are:

  1. Liquidity – This pair is very easy to get in and out whenever you want or need.
  2. Active – The GBP / USD is very active, which means that there is no shortage of trading options, and
  3. Predictable – Because the GBP / USD is a large pair, Tal and his team are very adept at reading where the pair is going.

These three things make the GBP / USD a great choice if you are looking for pretty stable profits.

By focusing their energy on three trading strategies:

  1. Extreme outbreak – to profit during volatile market periods,
  2. Safe turning point – the short to medium term strategy predicts the direction based on their specific combination of indicators,
  3. Trend correction Breakout – Their most consistent strategy. With correct use you can regularly see thousands of pips. This was the winner of the "2009 most profitable strategy" prize for the GBP / USD pair.

How does it work?

First you will receive a voice, e-mail and visual notification together with a trade message with one click. Click on "Yes" and The Signals Machine will automatically place a market order or a current order based on market conditions. Once the transaction has been carried out, it is also automatically managed based on pre-set parameters that can be adjusted. Also the strategy that activated the signal, the entry price, the profit and the stop loss are all shown in your graph.

What about an important news event that gets me out of my profession?

The Signals Machine has built-in news protection. Depending on the impact level of the coming news, you will receive a stop trading alert. Now it's up to you to leave the stock market or leave the news event. If you are not trading when the news alert comes, you do not have to worry about closing.

Currency strength meter

The Signals Machine also comes with a built-in currency strength meter that analyzes the strength of the GBP / USD pair. If the meter determines that the pair is strong, it provides trade signals. Conversely, if it determines that the current motion is weak, no signals are generated. This is a nice addition that I would like to have with other couples.

Voice Notification System

The Signals Machine also has a built-in voice notification system. If you happen to get a cup of coffee or take care of other things, you don't miss your chance. Some of these reports include:

  1. Buy signal – fairly easy
  2. Sales signal
  3. Possible signal in 15 minutes, waiting for the bar to close, and
  4. Scan for transactions

As well as other reports, depending on market conditions.

What is Monero

Monero is an open source cryptocurrency project with better security and privacy than most virtual currencies. It is designed to give everyone the power to manage their finances without the supervision of government and financial institutions. The cryptographic techniques used ensure that a spy has zero knowledge of your transactions.

Who made Monero?

Monero is largely a community project with no person behind it. More than 240 answers, consisting of developers and marketers, came together and brought it to life. However, about 30 developers are known. Everyone can contribute to this network by donating their skills or capital.

Monero has no basis in any country. It can therefore be difficult to close or limit it to work in a particular country. However, you should not be so sure because China and South Korea have already proven that every cryptocurrency can be lifted to work in certain jurisdictions. China officially banned ICO & # 39; s a few months ago.

Monero security functions

Without a doubt, Monero Blockchain is one of the safest places to execute transactions. Ethereum and Bitcoin Blockchains are transparent so that everyone can validate the authenticity of a transaction. This means that anyone with excellent computer skills and resources can easily decode users & # 39; real identity. This is extremely disgusting because it violates the main principle behind decentralized projects that obscure the details of the user.

The cryptographic techniques of Monero mystify the data of the user, making it impossible for data sniffers to get anything. The two most important security protocols used are signatures and stealth addresses. The former combines all addresses on the network, making it difficult for an external observer to link a single address to a specific account.

The latter refers to a condition where an address is only used for a single transaction. There cannot be any address for two or more transfers. Used addresses cannot be traced, and new ones are created during the next deal. In short, all details regarding the sender, the recipient and the transferred amount are not open for verification. However, this network is not completely "closed" because individuals can choose who can see their transactions.

Benefits of Monero

• Private, secure and untraceable
• Scalable without blockchain limits
• Strong and capable team
• Generally accepted
• Has a plan to encourage miners to maintain the blockchain, even if supplies run out
• Selectively transparent – you choose who you want to view your transactions

Cons of Monero

• Has very small centralization levels
• Not yet generally accepted

The future of Monero

Decentralized technologies are currently receiving a lot of hype, and this simply means broad recognition. As technology is widely used and governments are trying to pin down users, investors will demand more private-oriented cryptos, and this might just put Monero first. This currency is definitely worth a try.

What to do when doing Forex analysis

In a fundamental Forex analysis you actually value a company, for a stock market, or a country, for Forex. If you think it is difficult to value one company, you should try to value an entire country. It can be difficult to do, but there are indicators that can be studied to provide insight into how the country works. A few indicators that you may need to study during Forex analysis are: Non-agricultural payrolls, Consumer Price Index (CPI), Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), Sustainable Goods, and Retail.

In the Forex market, most traders use basic Forex analysis to predict long-term trends. But some traders act in the short term based on the response of various news items. There are quite a few meetings where you can get comments and which can have as much influence on the markets as on news items or indicators. All of these meetings often discuss interest rates, inflation and other issues that affect currency values.

You have to watch out for two important meetings, these are the Humphrey Hawkins Hearings and the Federal Open Market Committee. For example, the comments from the Federal Reserve Chairman about interest rates, it will cause market volatility.

By reading the reports and examining the comments, a fundamental Forex analyst can gain a better understanding of most trends in the long-term Forex market. By keeping up with developments in the Forex market, traders can take advantage of extraordinary events in the short term. If you decide to follow a fundamental Forex strategy, you always want to have an economic calendar at hand. Your Forex broker may also be able to give you real-time access to this type of information for use in your Forex analysis.

Do you listen to financial network networks while you trade? You shouldn't do it

I have an open microphone policy in my trading room, which allows members of the trading room to communicate with me during cash trading. It is not unusual to talk to a member of parliament and hear a financial network boom in the background. I believe that trading while listening to financial news can be very harmful to your trading success. These networks usually entice individuals to assess current market conditions and make predictions about various aspects of trading and investing.

But there is a clear problem with obtaining trade information from a network. They all have an agenda that you may or may not supplement with your trade. In addition to having an agenda that is usually based on the political ties that the network has, many of these guys only speculate about possible results of daily market activity. What's the benefit?

To be a profitable trader, it is essential that you make your own chart analysis and start transactions based on that analysis. In the short term, only graph analysis is an acceptable method for trading, along with a dash of real-time indicators. There is no doubt that a & # 39; talking head & # 39; can predict a price movement in the short term on television.

Today was a good example of why your analysis is much more valuable than the brains of network trading trust. I often listen to one or more financial networks before trading starts because I am interested in the equity issues that affect the NASDAQ. There was a general consensus among this morning's panelists that the NQ would reach a new high in the morning session.

Guess? The morning NQ promotion was on the downside, not on the top. The market did not make the slightest attempt to recover, but remained in a humiliating follow-up channel and spent much of the time testing new lows. So much for the television prediction. It is usually only generic speculation that often coincides with equity issues in the speaker portfolio. Even worse, there is a good chance that it can be simple speculation about what could to happen.

Another good example of incorrect information that these & # 39; talking headlines & # 39; are pre-market projections based on the direction of the next futures. In my experience, because futures prices are down at night, this only indicates a slight correlation with what the cash session traders have planned for the day. So hear next year, "the nocturnal futures price campaign indicates the market will go down", you can generally discard the information as foolishness. The night traders and the cash session traders are two different groups and often have different goals and motivations.

In summary, I listen to music or just enjoy the silence while I exchange and advice from "experts" can make you (or I) have a directional preference. A day on which you are biased with doubtful distinction is the recipe for disaster. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the & # 39; experts & # 39; and make your own trade decisions based on what you see developing in the graph.

Crypto TREND 2017-01

Everyone has heard how Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have made millionaires of those who bought a year ago. Profits of 1,000% or more are not only possible, they are commonplace with many of these crypto currencies. Someone who bought Bitcoin for less than $ 500 in May 2016 would have had a profit of 1,400% in about 17 months. Then we saw Bitcoin lose nearly $ 1,000 in recent days, so to say that this crypto currency is volatile would be a huge understatement.

Since the start of Bitcoin in 2008, we at Trendnieuws have been skeptical about the ability of crypto currencies to survive, as they represent a very clear threat to governments that want to see and tax all transactions. Although we may still be careful with the actual crypto currencies, we are very aware of the potential of the underlying technology that drives this electronic currencies. We even believe that this technology will be a major disrupting factor in the way data is managed and that it will have an impact on every sector of the global economy, as will the influence of the Internet on media.

Here are some questions and answers to get us started …

Question: What are Crypto currencies & # 39; s?

The best known crypto currency (CC) is BITCOIN. It was the first CC started in 2008. Today there are more than 800 CC & # 39; s including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, and they are all "virtual". There are no "physical" coins or currencies.

Question: How do CC & # 39; s work?

CC & # 39; s are virtual currencies that occur in very large distributed databases. These databases use BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology. Because every Blockchain database is widely distributed, it is thought to be immune to hacking, because there is no central point of attack and every transaction is visible to everyone in the network. Each CC has a group of administrators, often called "miners," who validate transactions. One CC called Ethereum uses "smart contracts" to validate transactions. Crypto TREND will provide more details in upcoming news publications.

Question: What is BLOCKCHAIN?

Blockchain is the technology that underlies all CC & # 39; s. Every transaction for the purchase, sale or exchange of CC & # 39; s is entered into a BLOCK that is added to the chain. This technology is complex and will not be explained here, but it can revolutionize financial services because transactions can be executed quickly and easily, reducing or eliminating costs. The technology is also being investigated for applications in many other industries.

Question: Are CC exchanges regulated by the government?

For the most part, the answer is NO, which is a major attraction for some users in this market. It is now the & # 39; wild west & # 39; but governments in most developed countries are investigating this market to decide what regulation may be needed. A big decision is whether CC & # 39; s are treated as a currency or as a commodity / collateral. Canada and the US have so far stated that CC & # 39; s are legal, but the situation remains liquid in terms of reporting and tax implications. Crypto TREND will follow these developments and report on them.

Question: How do I invest in this market?

You can buy, sell, and trade CC & # 39; s using the specialized "Exchanges" that act as a broker. You start by selecting an Exchange, setting up an account and transferring fiat currency to your account. You can then place your BUY and SALE CC orders. There are many exchanges around the world. Opening an account is fairly easy and these exchanges all have their own rules for initial financing and withdrawals.

Crypto TREND will recommend CC exchanges in the future.

Question: Where do I keep my CC?

To have the freedom to move your crypto currency & # 39; s and pay bills, you need a digital wallet. These portfolios come in various formats, such as desktop, cloud-based, hardware (USB), mobile phone and paper. Many of them are FREE, but security is a big factor because no one ever wants to lose their wallet or have it stolen. Crypto TREND will recommend digital portfolios in the future.

Question: What can I do with my CC?

In addition to investing in CC products, you can also use crypto currency for some financial transactions, such as money transfers and paying bills. The list of companies that accept crypto currency is growing rapidly and includes major hitters such as Microsoft, GAP, JC Penny, Expedia, Shopify,, Dish Network, Zynga, Subway and WordPress.

Question: What is next?

When we start, we keep each of the Crypto TREND items short and we keep the scope of each item as narrow as possible. As we noted earlier, we believe that crypto-currency technology will be a game changer, and potential investment opportunities such as these come up once or twice in your life. Make no mistake, early investments in this sector are only for your most speculative capital, money that you can afford to lose.

Even if you do not want to invest right now, gaining an early understanding of this new disruptive technology will put you in a favorable position to take advantage of our recommendations as we proceed.

Expect to see more Crypto TREND news and specific recommendations as we embark on this journey to what may seem like a strange jungle at first. This is a volatile market and may not be attractive to all investors, but Crypto TREND will be your guide when and when you are ready.

Stay tuned!